Twitter revived the photos of the most spectacular crossovers

Diplo with La Mona Jimenez

In 2019, thomas wesley pentzbetter known as Diplo, ran into the king of the quartet at the airport in Jamaica and although he did not know who it was, he asked him if he could take a selfie with him, since he saw that many people recognized him


The publication, which is still on the famous DJ’s Instagram account, garnered thousands of likes and, of course, requests for a collaboration between the two.

Tini Stoessel with Jackie Chan

In 2018, the actress and singer Tini filmed a movie in China with the direction and script of the renowned artist Jackie Chan. And although there has not yet been news of its premiere, there are images that show the close relationship that the former Violetta had with the protagonist of karate Kid.


Andy Kusnetzoff with Angelina Jolie

The meeting of the journalist Andy Kusnetzoff with the renowned actress Angelina Jolie is already part of the history of the show: when the current host was a notero of Whoever that fails his role was to interview the most famous actresses in Hollywood. It was so that she was able to approach figures such as Salma Hayek and Renée Zellweger, but her most remembered moment was with Angelina Jolie.

In the middle of the red carpet, Kusnetzoff began to say nice things to the actress until she simply kissed him. The anecdote is impossible to believe to this day, especially for those who were not yet born in the 90s.

Gaspi with Snoop Dogg

“I became friends with Snoop Dogg”said the youtuber gaspi on their Instagram stories a few days ago. The controversial youtuber is traveling in Berlin and, according to him, he met the rapper at a party. But the meeting was not left alone in the photo, since the producer also follows the Argentine on Instagram.

Gaspi asked his followers in his stories to comment on the latest publication of the rap legend to achieve a collaboration.


Javier Macherano with Phineas and Ferb

In 2014 Disney Latin America launched a fun interview of the signal’s most watched animated characters and the former soccer player.

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