Two faces of Barça

ANDthe match he played Barcelona at the Estadio Diego Armando Maradona perfectly reflects the two sides that this team has that have punished them so much throughout the season. Xavi’s men played very well in the first half, significantly outperforming their opponents. They didn’t put on a spectacular game in front of the public, but if they knew how to compete with very clear prerequisites: mastery of the game, attacking capabilities and not allowing the opponent to shoot at goal even once. The first part, which fully confirmed the progress made by the team in recent games.

In the first minutes he had moments exceptional pressure in the opposite field. A key factor that Barcelona are not very used to. Pressure that allows, on the one hand, the opponent not to go beyond the center of the field, and on the other hand, to steal on the opposite field in order to create chances when the opponent is defending out of position. This was Barca who dominated the game, with personality and marking territory.

Naples – Barcelona 1:1: results and goals | Champions League (1/8 finals, first leg)

Solvent protection

Team defended very well in the aerial game. A very important aspect when the opponent is an Italian team that knows how to use strategic moves and has a player like Osimhen who is very good at the top. Everyone was very good, but especially Jules Kounde, who has not had a very good season this year, but in Naples he was a real wall.

Gundogan takes the lead

Ilkay Gundogan’s contribution was very important. When German is good, The team moves up a couple of steps. Because he is able to make his team play well with his intelligence and passing accuracy. Plus there is arrival. He attempted the shot several times and had two good opportunities for his shots that he missed.

Gundogan wins the high ball.

Deadly center forward

The Lewandowski factor is key. The Pole is on fire. Just look at their records in recent games. He has performed in the League so far and he has extended his good run in Europe. He scored a good goal and had a few more chances. Lewandowski involved? This will be key in the remaining games until the end of the season.

unexplained decline

And then something happens that no one explains. After a great game and leading the scoreboard, the team doesn’t know how to build on their good work. Xavi says there was a lack of player involvement that provided pause and control of the match. You had to stay calm to keep the ball. and that the game did not become a compromise. Even knowing how to compete, committing fouls or wasting time slowing down the game. Which, by the way, the Italians do very well.

Frenkie de Jong was booked in the match.

One step back

The team instinctively retreats, and this is the first step to allowing the opponent to hurt you. No longer played on the opposite field. and yes, in your own, where the opponent is much closer to your goal. And the opponent, who did not make a single shot on goal, in the first of them, taking advantage of the poor assessment of Inigo Martinez with Osimhen, scored a draw.

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