Two new games confirmed to be coming to Xbox Game Pass soon

While we barely have enough life to play as many games as we do, the team at Xbox Game Pass continues to do their part and work to bring us more and more games to the subscription service’s catalogue. Today we received confirmation that others two expansions will be added between February and March. Both games will be available from the first day of the service.

The first one A little to the left, a peaceful puzzle game that debuted on Nintendo Switch in late 2022 to great response from both the public and the media. Second Light year limit which, although we already knew it would be on Xbox Game Pass, its release date has now been confirmed. In addition, starting today there is an early demo available that we can download from the Xbox Store.

February 15th on Xbox Game Pass

Experience the fun of organizing your home with this adorable puzzle game with a naughty kitten. Classify and organize household items while solving over 100 challenging puzzles with intuitive and fun solutions. Enjoy beautiful illustrations and amazing scenery while completing exclusive daily missions.

Control the chaos at your own pace by jumping through levels and using custom track system. With drag and drop controls, atmospheric music and a mischievous kitten adding chaos, this game is suitable for all ages and offers relaxing fun with surprises in every level.

March 19 on Xbox Game Pass

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of an intergalactic farm in this game. a gentle farming adventure in an open world. Build an organic farm, grow alien food, and explore a new world full of mysteries with three friends. Relax in a stress- and combat-free environment, focusing on improvement, exploration and discovery.

manage and update your custom engine, choose from a variety of tools, unlock upgrades and decorate your robot with different colors and parts. Engage with the ecosystem lovingly, restore areas damaged by pollution, plant new plants and ensure the sustainability of your farm. Live a comfortable farm life and share the experience with friends in this exciting odyssey of colonization and intergalactic exploration.

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