Ukraine again launches missile attacks on Crimea and the Russian regions of Belgorod and Kursk

Firefighters extinguish burning vehicles after an attack in Belgorod, Russia, on December 30. (Telegram channel of the Russian Ministry of Emergency Situations via AP)

Two along the Russian border area ukraine And Crimeaannexed by Moscow, were Ukraine attacked on Wednesday morning And whole nightA day after Russia carried out massive bombings against Kiev, Russian officials indicated.

Russian regional authorities reported limited damage And it’s all assured Ukrainian missiles were shot down.

Just like what happened in the city during the day on Tuesday Belgorod And its synonymous area was attacked at night. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, anti-aircraft defense shot down six projectiles,

Governor Viacheslav Gladkov specified that No new victims were recorded. A day earlier, in the first of a series of attacks, one person was killed and 11 were injured, three of them hospitalized, he indicated on Telegram.

A house is damaged after a Ukrainian military attack in the Belgorod region this Tuesday, according to local authorities (Viacheslav Gladkov/Reuters)

Gradkov, in particular, asked residents of the regional capital don’t go out on the streets And stay in air raid shelters.

“The situation in Belgorod remains tense. “There were two attacks in the morning,” he wrote on Telegram.

BelgorodWith a population of approximately 340,000 inhabitants, is The largest Russian city near the border, Located about 100 kilometers north of KharkovUkraine’s second largest city, can be reached with relatively simple and mobile weapons such as multiple rocket launchers.

Ukraine fired two missiles Tochka-u And late Tuesday night seven rockets were fired at the area, followed by six missiles Tochka-u and six vilkha rocket On Wednesday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported. missile system Tochka-uSoviet-made, is a Range up to 120 kilometers and a weapon that can carry cluster munitions. Ukraine has received some cluster munitions from the United States, but Tochka-U and Vilkha can use their own cluster munitions.

further north, area KurskThe area bordering Ukraine was also targeted “An Air Raid”The regional governor said Roman Starovoit On Wednesday morning on Telegram.

Authorities were forced to temporarily shut down an electrical substation in the city ZheleznogorskOf the 100,000 inhabitants, one to repair damage from an airstrike. The governor said residents remained without electricity or heat, although power was restored to much of the city about two hours later.

Finally, a missile was shot down off the coast of sevastopolThe governor of this city said CrimeaThe Ukrainian peninsula was annexed to Russia in 2014.

In recent times, there have been continuous attacks on the Russian side of the border. Throughout the war, border villages have been sporadic targets of Ukrainian artillery fire, rockets, mortar shells and drones launched from dense forests where they are difficult to detect.

attack Belgorod And it’s a dramatic way to disrupt urban life Ukraine has proved that it can fight against RussiaWhose army is greater in numbers and more guns than the forces of Kiev.

Saturday, 25 people killed in Belgorod bomb blastsFive children were also involved, one of the deadliest attacks on Russian soil since the full-scale invasion of Moscow. Another civilian was killed in a new attack on Tuesday.

This tactic appears to be having some success, with signs that The attacks are disturbing public opinionPolitical leader and military observer.

Covered bodies lie on the ground after a Ukrainian military attack in Belgorod, Russia. On December 30, 2023. (Reuters/Stringer)

Several Russian military bloggers have expressed regret over Moscow’s withdrawal from the border area in September 2022 amid swift retaliation by Kiev, and have argued that More territory must be taken to secure Belgorod and other border areas.

Russia calls Ukrainians who indiscriminately attack residential areas “terrorists”, while insisting that Moscow only attacks warehouses, weapons factories and other military facilities, despite widespread evidence that Russia Attacks Ukrainian civilian targets.

Ukrainian officials rarely accept responsibility for attacks on Russian territory.

drink on mondayUtin attacks Ukrainian attacks in Belgorod, “They want to intimidate us and create uncertainty in our country,” he said, pledging to intensify retaliation. Responding to a soldier’s question about civilian casualties in Belgorod, Putin said: ” “I also feel anger boiling.”

Russian army opened fire on Tuesday morning 99 missiles against Kievits surroundings and Kharkov Murder of five people. Attacks on Belgorod began shortly afterwards.

Last weekend, 30 people were killed in the first large-scale Russian bombing of the Ukrainian capital.

(With information from AFP, EFE and AP)

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