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Diplomatic efforts intensified for ceasefire in Gaza

Talks For a ceasefire agreement in the Gaza Strip that allows for another exchange of hostages for Palestinian prisoners and the entry of more humanitarian aid into a region where hunger is already taking its toll in the north, They will resume tomorrow in Cairo, This comes amid notable international diplomatic efforts to bring closer positions between Israel and Hamas, EFE reports.

After an intense week of contacts, which led to mediators – Qatar, Egypt and Doha – meeting with the parties in Paris and Doha to agree a draft agreement, the talks They will resume on Sunday in the Egyptian capital “with the involvement of all parties.”

chairman Joe Biden said this week he was confident of a deal by March 5 that would allow a ceasefire during Ramadan, And Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri warned yesterday that the start of the Muslim holy month, which will take place between March 10 and 11 this year, was “the last date”.

Shukri traveled to Doha today to meet his Qatari counterpart Mohammed bin Abderrahmane and review “joint efforts”. Achieve an “inevitable ceasefire”.

Hamas sources confirmed to EFE that a delegation will travel to Cairo tomorrow, Where the Israeli negotiating team is also expected to reach. Which has not formally confirmed its presence, but has been leaked to the Hebrew media.

The draft agreement under discussion has been considered A ceasefire of about six weeks,In exchange for an exchange of hostages at the ratio of one prisoner for every ten prisoners, However, in recent times there have been disputes between the two sides regarding that ratio and the list of names. In theory, about 42 hostages would be released.

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