ULTRA-PROCESSED FOODS | The dangers of eating ultra-processed foods: the risk of death increases by 20%

Word “ultra-processed” It started to become popular in the last decade, but ten years ago no one knew about its existence. Currents of “healthy eating” or ‘real food’like what the nutritionist suggests Carlos Rioshelped this word enter our vocabulary and into our daily lives.

In Spain, every fifth product consumed is ultra-processedAccording to a study by the University of Sao Paulo. The same report states that these types of foods are “harmful to many body systems.”

But,What Are Ultra-Processed Foods Really Real? We know that they are harmful to our healthbut why?

What foods are ultra-processed?

To make this easier to understand, we could imagine that these are all the products that we can find in the supermarket. ready to eat or reheatsweet drinks with gas or sweet cereal. Eventually: it’s not natural

What are ultra-processed foods?

The concept of ultra-processed foods refers to those foods that have been subjected to several industrial processes which include adding supplements, dyes, preservatives and other ingredients synthetics. These processes are usually eliminate many of natural and healthy ingredients foods such as fiber, vitamins and minerals, while increasing calorie density and concentration saturated fatYes, sugar additions and sodium.

Many of these supplements have a certain “craving” effect and explain why we have a hard time stopping eating them once we try them. Ultra-processed foods may activate the immune system brain reward similar to how drugs are addictive.

These products cause the release neurotransmitters How dopaminewhich are related to feeling of pleasure and reward. Over time, the brain may become more sensitive to these stimuli, increasing the likelihood of developing compulsive and addictive eating behavior, which can lead to mental disorders.

Increases the risk of death by 20%.

There are many studies that analyze the behavior of our body when we eat ultra-processed foods and the consequences that occur. Among them, a meta-analysis based on more than 40 studies conducted by scientists from Deakin University (Australia) stands out, which agrees that regular consumption of these products may have up to 32 negative impacts to your health.


Exposure to ultra-processed foods and adverse health effects: an overview of epidemiological meta-analyses

A meta-analysis that analyzed the consumption of ultra-processed foods by more than 10 million people confirms that this type of diet on a regular basis poses a greater risk of infection various types of cancer And 50% chance from contracting diseases cordial or diabetes.

In addition to the impact on mental disorders, increasing the likelihood of developing cancer or other heart diseases, research has revealed a shocking fact: The risk of death from any type of disease increases by 20% due to consumption of foods rich in ultra-processed foods.according to the results published this Thursday, February 29, in the journal “BMJ.”

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