Ultrasound rhinoplasty: a new technique with less bruising

plastic surgery Spain is experiencing a real “boom”. After the coronavirus pandemic, the number of activities carried out in our country to improve certain physical aspects has increased.

  1. Undoubtedly, Breast augmentation This is one of the most popular operations among Spanish women.

  2. Liposuction follows

  3. Abdominoplasty (removal of excess skin and fat in the middle and lower abdomen)

  4. Breast lift

  5. And rhinoplasty.

The latter is fifth in demand in clinics. aesthetic medicine Spanish it is surgical treatment to correct nasal deformities.

Dr. Susan Diazfacial surgeon and aesthetic doctor, became the first surgeon in Spain to perform ultrasound-guided rhinoplasty for noses with permanent fillers. In a conversation with this publication, he explains that the main difference from traditional rhinoplasty is that:

  • “This is done using a device that emits ultrasonic waves. This device allows you accurately forms the fracture and filing of the bone component. This translates to The operation and postoperative period are painlessand that inflammation and bruising are more than 50% less than with traditional rhinoplasty.”

Rhinoplasty: not only for aesthetic reasons

By using rhinoplasty or nose surgerythe nasal bone and cartilaginous structures are modified. It is also possible to improve facial harmonyas he emphasizes “Health Guides” Dr. Diaz, member of the European Society of Rhinoplasty.

Ultrasound rhinoplasty is performed not only to improve aesthetics.

Although most of us believe that this is an intervention that has a large aesthetic componentsince it does not meet certain standards of beauty, it is true that This is often motivated by functional problems..

For example, a deviated, slanted, or deformed nasal septum that can make breathing difficult.

  • Hence Ultrasound rhinoplasty “is not performed solely for aesthetic improvement.” By changing the shape of the nose, in addition to changing the appearance, it is also possible to improve certain physiological aspects such as breathing. Also after an accident or injury resulting in a broken nose.

Patients who are candidates for this surgery are “people who don’t feel comfortable with their nose and want to improve their self-esteem, such as patients who have some functional problems in terms of their nose.” nasal septum, like a curvature.

In this case also In addition to correcting the functionality, it was possible to retouch the aesthetic part.whenever the patient himself wants it.

What will my operated nose look like? Can you know?

Modeling what the nose will look like after surgery is one of the aspects that worries most patients considering rhinoplasty. However, there is currently necessary technology for virtual 3D modeling.

  • “It’s very precise, and that precision gives the patient a lot of safety because we can measure how they want to rotate and project the tip of their nose.”

Rhinoplasty under local anesthesia?

anesthesia This is another of the questions that causes the most doubt among patients planning to undergo rhinoplasty. And even more so for some people who are somewhat afraid of anesthesia.

I always perform it under general anesthesia because it is a long operation.

Nevertheless, Local anesthesia is not recommended for this type of plastic surgery. because although the patient had no sensation in this area, he could feel pain at some points during the operation.

  • “I always do this with general anesthesia because it is a long operation. “In addition, general anesthesia protects the airway during surgery, which is not the case with sedation.”

How is the postoperative period of ultrasound rhinoplasty?

It’s pretty simple. “Being a painless operation that allows the patient to return to normal life in approximately 48 or 72 hours.. At that time there is still inflammation, but people who work, for example in offices, do Ultrasound rhinoplasty on Thursday and they will be back on Monday. at your workplace.

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