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Finally, after years and years of development, the film by Uncharted is about to hit theaters.

In fact, it has been for several years that the Sony is trying to bring to the big screen the famous IP of Naughty Dog, the famous software house first party – that is, owned by the Japanese giant – born as JAM software in 1984 and then became known with the new name starting from 1989. A saga that has sold nearly 42 million copies globally.

The first time we heard about the project relating to a feature film dedicated to Uncharted it was the year 2008. Avi Arad, the famous Israeli-American producer responsible for the many Marvel cinecomics produced by Sony, including the latest Spider-Man conceived in partnership with Marvel Studios, had in fact declared just illo tempore to be working, together with the Burbank studio, on a film based on Uncharted, an epic that, at the time, had only the first title released on PlayStation 2, Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune, and a sequel, Uncharted 2: the den of thieves, arriving the following year, in 2009. Then something, as often happens in Hollywood, has gone wrong.


What happened between 2008 and today to the Uncharted movie?

As is often the case at the Mecca of cinema, Hollywood, the adaptation of Uncharted he entered a tunnel, of varying length and darkness from case to case, known as “development hell”. With this expression, typical not only of the world of cinema, but also of other sectors of entertainment, including video games, all those projects are indicated which, for one reason or another, have an extremely gestation phase. long which, often and willingly, can also be resolved with nothing.

In the case of UnchartedSony has approached numerous directors over the span of over ten years. Filmmakers who – one after the other – then abandoned ship. The first filmmaker connected to the moviegame was David O. Russell who then gave up in May 2011. At the time the film, also scripted by the director of American Hustle And Bright side, He had to have Mark Wahlberg in the role of the protagonist Nathan Drake as well as Robert De Niro in those of Sully. After O. Russell, Dan Trachtenberg, Neil Burger, Seth Gordon, Shawn Levy and Travis Knight took turns, in strict no particular order.

It is worth noting that, in July 2018, we at BadTaste had the opportunity to talk about the Uncharted movie with Shawn Levy when it still looked like he should be the one to ferry him to the big screen. The director and producer had revealed to us all his excitement, all the profound sense of responsibility he felt in knowing that he had to translate for the cinema a saga that, compared to 2008, had grown exponentially in popularity among the general public and had also had the possibility to confirm to our microphones that yes, it would have been right Tom Holland to play Nathan Drake (READ OUR INTERVIEW WITH SHAWN LEVY).

In the end, Sony decided to play it safe on average: the direction was entrusted to Ruben Fleischer, a skilled craftsman who has guaranteed the majors some notable successes such as the sleeper hit Welcome to Zombieland and its sequel, Zombieland – Double hit (READ THE REVIEW) and, above all, the first Venom (READ THE REVIEW). Despite the disastrous critical reception, the cinecomic with Tom Hardy grossed a whopping 856 million dollars against a budget of around 100.

A similar story can be told for the various screenplays of the blockbuster. To the script of Uncharted, from 2008 onwards, in addition to the aforementioned O. Russell also Joe Carnahan, David Guggenheim, Eric Warren Singer, Jonathan Rosenberg and Mark Walker have worked. The latest iteration of the script is by Art Marcum, Matt Holloway and Rafe Judkins.

What really happened behind the scenes of Uncharted and why it took so long to see it made into reality, we’ll never know exactly. Probably, a big chunk of hitches could have been born “To want” from Neil Druckmann, the current co-president of Naughty Dog developer of the first two Uncharteds who later became creative director of the series with Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Druckmann, who is also the deus ex-machina of the award-winning saga of The Last of Us, has a say in anything related to the movie or TV adaptations of IP Naughty Dog. Specifically of Uncharted, Druckmann always thought that the stories of the saga were already cinematic enough of them and that, therefore, it didn’t make too much sense to propose a literal adaptation of a story that people had already had the opportunity to experience on PlayStation consoles. Ratio which then led to the casting of Tom Holland and to the conception of some sort of “Origin story” of the adventurer. And indeed also The Last of Us, which will soon be an HBO-produced series written by Neill Druckmann himself along with the Chernobyl showrunner Craig Mazin, was not translated into film because its creator expressed his “Right of veto”: according to him, the story of The Last of Us he couldn’t get enough oxygen in the two hours of a movie. We needed a format – the serial one – which by now has nothing to envy to cinema in terms of spectacular range and has the undoubted advantage of offering more room for maneuver by virtue of its longer duration (ALL DETAILS).

But now it’s time to get back to talking about Uncharted.

Uncharted trailer

What is Uncharted about? Who are its protagonists? And above all, when will it come out?

Curiously enough, there is someone who has withstood all the elements that have plagued the development of the film: Mark Wahlberg. Except that, paraphrasing a very famous quote from The dark Knight by Christopher Nolan “Either you play the hero or you live long enough to be his mentor”. Yes, because if, in 2008, the Boston star was clearly approached to the part of Nathan Drake, with the passing of the seasons he then became… Sully, Nathan’s atypical mentor.

The role of the protagonist then passed into the hands of Tom Holland, London actor born in 1996 who, after years of dance and theater – took part in the triumphal theatrical performance of Billy Elliot playing, initially, Michael, Billy’s best friend and then the protagonist of the story – he made a name for himself at the cinema in 2012 in The Impossible by Juan Antonio Bayona and then, of course, wearing the costume of Spider-Man in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Together with them in the film there will also be Antonio Banderas in the role of the villain, Sophia Ali in those of Chloe Frazer e Tati Gabrielle in those of Braddock.

As for the plot, this is the short official logline that was released some time ago by the major:

In an epic action-packed adventure that spans the entire world, the two protagonists set out on a perilous search for the “greatest treasure ever found”, chasing clues that could lead them to Nathan’s long-missing brother.

To really find out what adventure Nathan Drake and Sully will have to face on the big screen, we just have to wait until February 2022 when the feature film finally arrives in our cinemas.

The most important news and insights:

You can stay up to date on the film by Uncharted thanks to our movie profile!

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