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After Sydney Sweeney on Saturday Night Live, it was Dakota Johnson’s tour of the Sony/Marvel film Madame Web. The actress realized that the film was ne plaise pas.

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Check your box office with $91 million grossed internationally (and $40 million domestically) after hitting theaters on Feb. 14 with Madame Web, the new Sony/Marvel superhero movie, parvient à faire pire than Morbius.

Avec un demarrage à 15 million dollars for the premiere weekend of exploitation in theaters against 39 million dollars for the film directed by Jared Leto, Madame Web – this is plus the big failures of the history of adapted comic book films.

I got a 1.7 out of 5 from AlloCiné viewers.

But it’s the love of the public (the film has a 1.7 rating on AlloCiné), and critics, who attribute a 12% rating to Rotten Tomatoes And another click on 1.3 sur AlloCiné, which is not like comedy films.

Lors de la derniere emission du saturday night lifeSydney Sweeney, who played Julia Carpenter, one of the film’s heroines, refuses lengthy footage in her presentation: “Vous m’avez sans doute vue dans” Everything is south toy and etc. Euphoriamost of all you have never seen me in Madame Web…

Today is the tour of Dakota Johnson, the main character of the film by S. J. Clarkson, from the beginning of this film adaptation.

Hero past the film screen

Interrogation on the site Bustle– the comedian declares: “Unfortunately, it doesn’t surprise me that people choose these things.

Avant d’Expliciter: “It’s hard to say about the film fair, and in these big budget films – and then the production process starts with young children, and that’s what I think is true – decisions made by committees, etc. Art is not part of this art.

L’art ne se porte pas bien lorsqu’il is the realization of this manner.

Films are created by a cinematographer and a working team of artists. It cannot be considered an art based on codes and algorithms. After a long time I thought that the publication was extremely clever and that the directors began to shout against me.

Le public saura toujours detecter la bêtise. If movies start with artificial intelligence, then people just don’t see it.


Madame Web

Dakota Johnson in a suit: “Mais faire ce movie is a real experience for me. Je n’avais jamais fait quelque, chose de similaire auparavant. Je ne le Referai, probably never, car je n’ai pas ma Place dans ce monde. Et je sais maintenant.

I don’t see a place in this world

Mais parfois dans Cette Industrie, vous vous vous Engagez dans quelque selected, et aufur et à mesure cela devient complètement différent, et vous vous dites, “Attendance, what?”

Moreover, it’s a real learning experience and that’s good, it’s not a nice fair, the party that chose what’s in the lambo, but I can’t think anymore about what I don’t understand

Sony’s new film about the Spider-Man universe, Madame Web vote Dakota Johnson the incarnation of Cassandra Web, a Manhattan ambulance with the ability to see the future. Forced to honestly face the revelations of her former son, she became a new relative with three young women who were destined for a fate outside of communication Sydney SweeneyIsabela Merced and Celeste O’Connor.

The long film has also been ported by Tahar Rahim, who plays the role of an antagonist in the film. Madame Web is currently in theaters.

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