Unicaja defeats Valencia

La Fonteta will never become just another track for Unicaja. After that “impossible” Eurocup they organized in Valencia, typesetters feel at home (63-83). The ones from Mumbru were never great. They did not show minimal intensity (7 points in the first quarter) and They were eventually humiliated by a Malaga side who are already hot on the heels of Real Madrid, just one win behind in the table.

Everything bad that can be said about Valencia can also be said well about Unicaja. Ibon Navarro’s men are a well-oiled machine, having beaten a Valencia side who were breaking the deadlock after a great victory in Vitoria less than 48 hours earlier. A choir block that will provide tough competition to big teams both in the Cup and in the playoffs if it maintains this level until June.

It was Kravish (16 points and 6 rebounds) who shone the most in statistics but each of the Unicaja players scored a goal. Kalinoski (11 points), Osetkowski (10), Carter (9), Dzedovich (9)… And so on until 8 assists by Alberto Diaz. Green roller.

Valencia went to La Fontea relaxed and itchy inside that they had done their job for the week after their brilliant EuroLeague win last Friday in Buesa. questionBut coming out relaxed in front of this Unicaja is synonymous with having your face painted. Jones’ opening basket and Puerto’s three from the start (5-4) were Taronja’s only leads all game.

From there Ibon Navarro’s men marched through Valencia, which neither defended nor moved in attack. It all ended with a triple pitch. And they barely hit (3 of 18 in the first two quarters). Instead of, every Kahista attack was a basket or a three. Kalinoski, Taylor, Carter, Kravish… Thus, up to eleven Unicaja players (all except Alberto Diaz) opened their lockers at halftime.

Brandon Davis was touched.David Gonzalez

The benefits have become sky-high. Kravish put up the maximum (11-31, min. 13) in the first half, a difference that was repeated several times throughout the second quarter. Taronha’s percentages were worthy of a minibasketball team. Just before the break there was a mini-Taronja reaction: two free kicks from Anderson and a treble from Puerto. Despite this, the scoreboard showed an alarming score of 25-41.

Mumbru’s anger at half-time must have echoed off the walls of the dressing room. It took Valencia forever to warm up for the second half. Not that it had much effect on his players. At least they had some desire to defend themselves. That put them up 10-2, which moved them closer on the scoreboard. After two free kicks from Davis, Valencia was able to lower the ten-point barrier. But he failed, and Osetkowski and Carter brought things back to normal for most of the game. On top of that, Brandon Davis injured his knee. La Fonteta was silent for several minutes, and it took Brandon a moment to get up. Unicaja took advantage of the fear and returned to +17.

Valencia, without centers and with the energy of Pradilla and Claver, at least experienced some of the bullfighter’s embarrassment at the beginning of the last act. They scored ten points with seven minutes left and attacked to reduce the score. But Harper, who in the overall calculation of the season takes away more than he adds, committed an offensive foul. This was the end of the last comeback attempt. Because Unicaja did not lower the piston. Djedovic’s three made the score humiliating 55-80 (min. 38). Game over.


63.- Valencia Basketball (7+18+17+21): Jovic (-), Jones (7), Puerto (8), Inglis (3), Davis (7) -five starters-, Harper (2), Claver (5), Pradilla (6), Anderson (9), Lopez -Arostegui (8), Ojeleye (8) and Pangos (-).

83.- Unicaja Malaga (19+22+16+26): Taylor (3), Perry (3), Dzedovich (9), Will Thomas (7), Sima (4) – starting five, Ejim (3), Kalinoski (11), Diaz (2), Carter (9), Lima (6), Osetkwoski (10) and Krawisz (16).

Judges: Benjamin Jimenez, Juan de Dios Hoyon and Javier Torres. Eliminated local Harper (m.40).

Incidents: The match, corresponding to the twentieth day of the regular stage of the ACB League, took place in La Fonteta in front of 6,962 spectators. The senior Fallas Convento Jerusalem opened the match just over a month before the start of the Fallas.

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