United States bombs Syria and Iraq in retaliation for death of 3 soldiers in Jordan

America had claimed to bomb this Friday over 85 objectives and associated features Islamic Revolutionary Guard of Iran and pro-Iranian groups in Iraq and SyriaIn response to last week’s attack in which three American soldiers were killed.

The United States Army Central Command (CENTCOM) detailed that the air operation took place at 4:00 pm local time (9:00 pm GMT) in Washington and used more than 125 precision munitions.

chairman Joe Biden He warned this Friday that his country’s response, which began today, will continue for as long as Washington deems necessary. “Our response began today, “This will continue at a time and place of our choosing,” he said in a statement released by the White House.

(An attack in Jordan killed three US soldiers and Biden pointed to Iran: “We will respond”)

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the bombing is still ongoing 13 deadThese are all Iran supported fighters.

From Iraq, military spokesman Yahya Rasool condemned the attacks in a statement, saying “these are deadly Violation of Iraqi sovereignty “And present a threat that could lead to dire consequences for Iraq and the region.”

for its part, John KirbyOne of the spokespersons of Casablanca gave this assurance He informed the Iraqi government before the attacks, In statements collected by reuters Affirmed that the US response “will not end today.” Similarly he also announced that “We do not want war with Iran” And acknowledged that it has had no contact with Iran since the attack that killed 3 US soldiers.

Iran relations

This is how the United States responded to the drone attack carried out by pro-Iranian militias in Jordan near the Syrian border last Sunday and in which Three American soldiers were killed And 40 others were injured.

“US military forces bombed more than 85 targets with a variety of aircraft, including long-range bombers flown from the United States,” CENTCOM detailed.

According to the US Army, the targets that were attacked are: operations center, intelligence centerThe rockets and missiles, drones, warehouses and logistics facilities are among a number of attacks that pro-Iranian groups have carried out against US forces in recent weeks.

Since the start of the Gaza war last October, these armed groups have carried out dozens of actions against US bases in Iraq and Syria, but as of Sunday there had been no casualties among them.

(The key to the attack that killed three US soldiers in Jordan: Is Iran behind it?)

Washington had promised to answer What happened, but all this week, US officials have not provided details about how, where and when it was going to happen.

Secretary of Defense, lloyd austinHowever, it warned Thursday that the retaliation could be “multiple.”

“We have the ability to respond multiple times, depending on the situation,” the Pentagon chief said in his first appearance before the press since being hospitalized for prostate cancer.

The attack was claimed by the Islamic resistance in Iraq and the Pentagon says there are indications it was carried out by Kata’ib Hezbollah, the most powerful pro-Iran militia in Iraq and head of the resistance.

However, on Washington’s part, blame has ultimately been placed on Iran, a country that has distanced itself from the attack.

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