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The Colombian with a past in Alianza Lima spoke about Jairo Conchi’s arrival at U and left an unexpected message for the national midfielder. What’s happened?

Andres Andrade left a message for Jairo Concha | Photo: Andres Andrade – Jairo Concha

Jairo SOncha arrived at the Universitario de Deportes after passing through Alianza Lima. and provoked different reactions from Peruvian football figures, one of the latest being the Colombian Andre Andrade, who did not hesitate to leave a special message for the national midfielder. Do you disagree with your arrival? These are the words of the coffee-pot midfielder.

Jairo Concha announced on social media that “he made a dream come true” when he arrived at the Universitario de Deportes, and one of the players who gave him an approving comment is his former Alianza Lima teammate Andres Andrade. The Colombian did not hesitate to support his decision by “moving to the front line” and wished him good luck.

Andres Andrade supported Jairo Concha

To the applause of emoticons, Andres Andrade wrote: “With everything Hairoko, congratulations brother” and then received a large number of likes and positive comments for the loyal friendship they formed in Alianza Lima.

Jairo Concha spoke after arriving at “U”

“Getting into Universitario is my dream.” I take this big step with great responsibility and gratitude. I will leave my soul on the field and thank everyone for the messages and good wishes. Let’s talk about everything”– midfielder Jairo Concha spoke on social networks.

How long does Conchi’s contract with Universitario last?

LIBERO, through journalist Gustavo Peralta, was able to find out that Jairo Conchi’s contract with Universitario de Deportes is for 3 years. The club believe that the 24-year-old midfielder may emigrate at the end of this season.

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