Until Dawn 2 was supposed to be released, but something happened between PlayStation and its creators. Former Workers Reveal Why This Horror Game Never Made It to Market – Until Dawn

According to former employees, the multi-platform approach that Supermassive Games wanted was contrary to Sony’s intentions.

We haven’t talked about Until Dawn for years, perhaps because the title Supermassive Games He already had his time of glory. However, Sony seems to have new plans for this IP: they want to make a Before Dawn movie first, and there will be a release there too. version of this game for PC and PS5 in 2024. The work of the British studio was released only on PS4 and millions of units sold. Until now, we have heard almost nothing about its continuation.

It turns out that Until Dawn 2 could happenbut this was contrary to the ambitions of Supermassive Games, which wanted to implement cross-platform approach. This could be the main reason why the said game did not make it to market, although there are conflicting reports about who severed the relationship between PlayStation and the aforementioned studio. Time Expansion media spoke with some former employees team based in the United Kingdom.

Several former workers said that Quarry was intended to be prototype for “Until Dawn 2”. “Sony basically paid them to make it as a prototype. Once the prototype was finished, Supermassive turned around and said:Let’s sell this Let’s see if anyone else wants it,” which was like the final nail in the coffin of any relationship with Sony. They were eventually acquired Google, which has been funding them for years“, he notes.

However, another version is also common: Sony has decided to end the relationship due to the multi-platform approach of The Dark Pictures saga. “Quarry” started out as a proposal for Before Dawn 2, but They didn’t have a license. They ended their relationship by releasing Dark Pictures on multiple platforms. As far as I know, someone else now has this license,” he notes. What happened next was that Google abandoned The Quarry, and 2K united with Supermassive Games to publish the said title.

What does the new version of Until Dawn offer?

In the latest State of Play, PlayStation announced that Until Dawn will be coming to PS5 and PC in a new version. The title has been confirmed to appear in 2024and that was the project”redone and improved“. The PlayStation blog confirmed some of the news. “We’ve added more emotional depthan improved look and an all-new ambient sound.” Specifically, they mention that they “remade Until Dawn with Unreal engine 5 and we added improvements of all kindsThey note that “new and improved animations enhance the original characters.”

They also updated the “characters, environments, and sound effects to ensure an authentic atmosphere.” terrible experience“. Additionally, they point out that they are “using a wider color palette and new perspectives to give the story a more nuanced and emotional feel.” For this reason they chose “new third person camera“which will also allow us” to explore new and improved locations with lots of interactions and collectibles.” Last but not least, Ballistic Moon “took advantage of the opportunity expand certain emotional parts unknown by history.

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