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by GIanMaria Tesei

The film trial in which one of the most important stars of American cinema, Denzel Washington, absolute protagonist of “Until the last clue” (“The Little Things”, the title in the original language), is a psychological thriller. distributed by Warner Bros and Pictures and in streaming thanks to HBO Max as early as January 29 in the USA and subsequently in Italy and made by John Lee Hancock, who has innervated in this production by covering multiple roles.

The director and screenwriter from Longview, Texas, also known to the general public for “Saving Mister Banks” (2013, a film distinguished by the many nominations for various awards including the one for best actress in a drama to Emma Thompson at the Golden Globes and one for the best soundtrack at the Oscars) and “The Founder” (2016) has in fact invested his energies in this project as director, screenwriter and co-producer together with Warner Bros, Gran Via and Mark Johnson, well-known film producer and TV, winner among other things at the 1989 Oscars for the film “Rain man”, which received four Oscars (best film – awarded by Johnson himself -, best actor in a leading role – an amazing Dustin Hoffman -, best director – Berry Levinson – and Best Original Screenplay – Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow).

The story revolves around the investigation conducted by two policemen, one of whom is a deputy sheriff from Kern County, California who is co-opted by the LAPD to find evidence regarding a recent murder case.


Joe Deacon, aka Denzel Washington, who had been a good detective destined shortly to retire according to the wishes of his superiors, finds himself collaborating with Sergeant Jimmy Baxter (played by Rami Malek, Oscar for Best Actor in 2019 for “Bohemian Rhapsody “and repeatedly nominated for various illustrious awards for his performance in the series” Mr Robot, a serial for which he was honored with the Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Drama Series) for investigations relating to the first case of a series of killings of some women, a criminal circumstance for which Deacon finds the same way of acting highlighted in a few murders of prostitutes in which the same ex-detective had previously encountered. The professional esteem that Baxter has towards Deacon, will lead him to ask to continue to assist him in the investigation, also because of the deputy sheriff of Kern he appreciates an innate ability to understand from small things (the original title of the film reads precisely “The Little Things ”, ie the little things) and from tiny clues, of the important and essential dynamics in the course of the investigations. Between impulsive reactions from Baxter, which will lead him to commit an extreme criminal act against the main suspect, and some unconfessable secret of Deacon, the plot develops with some surprise that will lead to an ending that leaves the sequence of crimes unresolved or apparently so. nequtiosis.

From the acting point of view, to make even more interesting an already excellent cast is added the figure of the supposed guilty Albert Sparma, interpreted by the third Academy Award who took part in the film at an actor level (in addition to the aforementioned Malek, at the same Washington, who we remember in his brilliant career also for having obtained the Oscar for best supporting actor for “Glory – Men of glory” in 1990 and best actor for his performance in “Training Day” in 2002) which takes on the features and is rendered on the big screen by the interpretative skills of Jared Leto, best supporting actor for “Dallas Buyers Club” in 2014, a film product for which he also obtained the Golden Globe for the same category.

Washington said he felt fascinated by the character he played, characterized by a great cynicism and a profound mistrust and skepticism towards what surrounds him also because it is marked by his personal history that causes him to never stop, crossing and living with his own nightmares. The whole second, the multi-awarded actor from Mont Vernon, determines a character that could not be fully sketched except through a profound analysis of his human conditions and personality, according to the approach to the roles to be played always conducted by Washington. And to do so, the interpreter of boxer Rubin “Hurricane” Carter in “Hurricane – The Cry of Innocence” (1999), also followed a television program on investigations into criminal events and crimes, “The first 48 hours”, using also of a technical consultant of the police and working, as great actors do, similarly to how great detectives do, i.e. in search of the small and large peculiarities that lodge in the hidden corners of the person, which are the folds of human interiority that arouse the emotional involvement of the public who also for this reason deeply loves cinema, in the collective hope that it will soon be experienced in cinemas all over the world.


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