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After sitting in formaldehyde for over three decades, this incredible Chevrolet pickup truck has never been used and even retains the plastic inside. How much does this classic 0 km cost?


Chevrolet is synonymous with pickup truck., especially in the United States, home of large specialty trucks with powerful sports car engines. Recently, an old-school copy appeared on a well-known auction site.

Mekum is a company that offers classic cars for sale in the northern markets, regardless of their concept, and maintains in its online catalog some 4500 units in excellent condition (mostly classics) which can be received by any user who registers.

A few days ago, a special model was discovered that fits the niche of pickup trucks belonging to the Chevrolet brand. One of those finds that’s worth knowing about, since it’s not every day that you find a non-working unit that’s over 30 years old.

The pickup truck in question is nothing more than 454 SSa very exclusive model from a brand with a golden bow that took its first steps in the 90s and knew how to compete with none other than Ford F-150 Lightning which was released many years later.


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According to the auction website, Its first and only owner purchased it on December 20, 1989. at the Ohio dealership and have kept it in the same condition since day one. That’s why it has been stored in a warehouse with various solutions for the past 34 years to ensure its condition is not affected by time.

Chevrolet 454 SS, the hottest pickup truck of 1990.

Besides looking at the pictures and checking out its excellent condition both inside and out, it never hurts to consider that it might be a restoration. But this is something that is ruled out if you look at the mileage it supports: only 9 miles, about 14 kilometers covered.

At first glance it is clear that the original painting Black Onyx It lacks any detailing and the sporty look of this particular version is achieved partly thanks to 15″ wheelswhich, by the way, still retain original BF Goodrich tires. with whom he left the plant in 1990.


The cabin is another indication of its condition: it was never shot. And all because the red upholstery, contrasting with the black paint of the body and seats The original plastic lids are retained. There are even protective elements in various sectors of the dashboard, such as on the dashboard frame.

Despite the fact that the model is more than three decades old, the equipment of this Chevrolet sports pickup truck was very complete: air conditioner with digital displayl, steering wheel with height adjustment, electric windows, central locking, stereo system with cassette player and individual equalizer, as well as classic cruise control.


Why do we say that this is a sports pickup truck? Because under its hood is Petrol V8 with a volume of 7.4 liters. (454 cubic inches, hence the name) which develops power of 233 hp. and torque 521 Nm.. Insane horsepower and torque for the time that were controlled three-speed automatic transmission, which moved exclusively to the rear axle.

It is logical that this Chevrolet 454 SS not only had a more powerful engine, but also featured a number of improvements, such as recalibrated suspension and shock absorbers signed by Bilstein, as well as a stronger anti-roll bar. Although the auction has not yet begun, the price is expected to be around $125,000.


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