US soldier kills himself by setting himself on fire while shouting ‘Liberate Palestine’

A United States soldier has been taken to hospital in a critical condition after being burned in front of the Israeli Embassy in Washington.

A American soldiers is found in critical situation After setting himself on fire in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington, in protest against what he calls “Genocide” in Palestine, As reported by fire sources.

a united states soldier This Sunday it burned like hell, In a video published on social networks you can see a soldier in camouflage uniform spraying flammable liquid and screaming while burning himself wildly. “free Palestine” In a central neighborhood of the United States capital, before a diplomatic delegation.

“Extreme opposition” against the conflict in Gaza.

In the pictures you can hear how the soldier confirms his position with this “extreme protest” against the conflict in Gaza: “I am an active member of the Air Force and “I will no longer engage in genocide.”

As The Hill portal reports, the incident occurred this Sunday shortly before 1:00 pm (7:00 pm Spanish Peninsular time) in front of the diplomatic headquarters, where emergency medical services and firefighters of the Federal District were present.

with the army severe burns has been transferred to a hospital in critical situation And his life is in serious danger.

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