US vetoes for the third time the UN resolution to end the war in Gaza

The US ambassador says voting in favor “jeopardizes the delicate negotiations” underway, and it was “irresponsible” to proceed with the vote today.

There was no surprise. proposed resolution Presented by Algeria The United States has vetoed a UN Security Council call demanding an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. “This is not the time”Washington’s ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, spoke in unison, justifying her decision by citing the existence of other ongoing negotiations with Israel.

The United States government and several countries in the region, such as Egypt – which borders Gaza – have tried unsuccessful conversation with Israel so that the country Suspend your military operation in Rafah, in the far south of the area, which is the only area that has not been directly affected by military operations other than frequent bombings by the Israeli Air Force. Of the 15 countries that make up the council, 13 votes were cast in favor, Britain remained absent And The United States voted against,

in return, usa presented your own draft resolutionJoe calls for “a ceasefire as soon as possible”, suggesting Israel will have time to decide when this will happen, The Joe Biden government’s project would also be the first UN resolution to condemn terrorist group Hamas since the war began. In recent days, relations between the United States and Israel have deteriorated significantly due to Tel Aviv’s complete refusal to suspend military operations.

government of United States pays almost un one third of the Israeli military effortpractice more all weapons which israel receives Made in USA or take American technology, Biden’s team has considered seeking official recognition of Palestinian statehood or making Netanyahu ineligible for the president to travel to Israel and address that country’s parliament, as he did with Barack Obama in Washington in 2015. . But, practically, the only thing the US has decided to do is to deliver 2,000 aviation bombs to Israel.

It is unclear how much support Washington’s draft resolution will garner, although one thing is clear: Israel does not support it either. The Tel Aviv government has described any attempts at negotiations with Hamas as “illusory” and “illusory”, and has categorically rejected a ceasefire.

So far, has caused war About 30,000 Palestinians were killed, of which, according to Hamas. There are 24,000 citizens. Israel, on its part, has suffered the death of 235 soldiers. something needs to be added to that figure 1,400 people died in Hamas terrorist attack The battle began on 7 October, killing approximately 1,000 civilians.

The US veto has been strongly criticized by other members of the Security Council. Even Great Britain, which abstained from voting, called for an “immediate suspension of hostilities” as a preliminary step to a permanent ceasefire to avoid a “catastrophic humanitarian crisis”.


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