Valencia recognizes the efforts in pig health and animal welfare and will promote the support strategy.

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Valencian Community will contribute strategy pig support in collaboration with the sector itself.

This was agreed at a conference held on Wednesday 10 January in Zaragoza, at which the Councilor Jose Luis Aguirretogether with his colleagues from Aragon, Castile and León and Extremadura, as well as representatives of the pig sector at national level, addressed possible formulas to stimulate meat consumption and protect producers from “the unfounded attacks without a scientific basis to which “they are subjected.”

Aguirre argues that intensive livestock farming in the Valencian Community (pigs and poultry) “key” in production agricultural end Valencian.

In addition, he noted, however, that “intensive livestock farming has been demonized for many years, when in fact it is livestock farming that should be the most professional and incur exemplary costs in order to adapt to sanitary standardsenvironmental and animal welfare, setting a true example for the European Union.”

In this sense, he added that all this modernization efforts “This needs to be taken into account and the administration needs to make it easier for them so that they can continue to adapt to the strictest rules regarding health, animal welfare and the environment around the world

During the day, Aguirre explained that this event served as “listen to statements different regions and try to implement the best measures so that the sector can move forward.”

The Councilor, as well as his colleagues from other autonomous communities and several representatives of the pig sector and other livestock producers present at the event, advocated starting to see manure management as an opportunity, not as a problem.

In the same spirit, they assured that in terms of competitiveness “we are unique” after we have grown while other countries have fallen because they are becoming many things are right about genetics and innovation.

On the other hand, the director of the National Pork Producers Association Miguel Angel Higueranoted that this sector is experiencing “a number of difficulties that make it require the support of the administration, emphasizing health risks due to the spread of African swine fever which would be devastating if it reached Spain, and huge concern about the excessive increase in the wild boar population, which is the main spreader of the disease in Europe.”

During the day, the four councilors agreed on joint cooperation is needed administration and the sector itself to jointly develop a strategy promoting Spanish pork.

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