Venezia-Inter, Ranocchia: “Inzaghi has shown that he is from Inter. We are a great group. We can…”

Surprise on the eve of Venice-Inter: it will not be Inzaghi who will speak, but Ranocchia. will report the words of the Nerazzurri defender

After ten years, Inter have reached the round of 16 of the Champions League. A result expected by the entire Nerazzurri environment, and which could now represent a big boost in the league as well. After having cut short on Milan and Napoli in the last round, in fact, the run-up to first place continues for Inzaghi and his boys. Tomorrow evening there is a transfer to Venice waiting for the troops. And Inter’s eve opens with a surprise at the press conference, given that it will not be the coach as usual, but Andrea Ranocchia. A way to underline the last two excellent performances of the defender and Inter veteran against Napoli and Shakhtar. will offer you his words in real time.

You have always been a team man. You have been captain and worked with many important coaches. Why do you think Inzaghi is proving to be an Inter coach?

I don’t like making comparisons, because situations change. But the coach showed he was able to manage a group of champions, I hope he will continue to improve to achieve the objectives.

Happy with the choice made in the summer?

I had a lot of fun in these two games, it’s a satisfaction. Playing with this group makes you happy. I am happy that we have won these two games. But the past is over and we have another match tomorrow.

Do you feel ready for the third game in a row?

We still don’t know who will play. But I am always ready, the important thing is that everyone lends a hand as they have been doing for a long time now.

Can you identify a moment of the turning point in the environment towards you?

A very specific moment, no, I changed the way I approach training and matches. I started a journey several years ago, with age it matures. Past coaches have helped me. Then the companions are fundamental. We have created a solid group that helps everyone, I am one of many.

Who has helped you the most in recent years than your companions?

A man’s dressing room aura has been created, it is a bit exaggerated. Everyone does his own. When I arrived at Inter, it was the Treble team, of great champions. Everyone welcomed me well.

Were you sorry not to be used continuously?

This is others’ problem, not mine. My way of approaching is this: to be ready when called upon. If I am not chosen, it means that it is not my time.

What has allowed you to remain compact despite the disposals?

The group. When you lose players of that level, everyone is obviously worried, but the club and the coach have worked at their best. It is a question of mentality, not of names. The path is very long, but we are on the right path.

Was there something that united you so much on the pitch?

In these things there is no magic wand, it is a path. Over the years positive and negative things happen: in the negative ones the guys reacted in the right way and we got to the group that won the championship and what we are today. There is not a person or a decision or an event to make it happen. It is a long journey that must be made by extraordinary men, as are the guys who are part of this team.

Which team among those at the top of the table do you consider the most dangerous in the long term (question from

Difficult question, there are many variations. At the moment we are a bit behind, but we are there and that is what matters. Where we will be in the end we will see.

There is a lot of talk about Brozovic’s future. Is there anything you can tell us? How do you see it?

I have no idea. I see it as I have seen it for 5-6 years. Improve with every game. For the rest, it is a question that concerns him and the company.

Last year there was the feeling of a championship that could be conquered quite easily. This feeling is back this year, after the start of the season. Do you think so too?

They are sensations of the environment, but we know from the beginning that if we work in a certain way we can go far. The rest are purely external things.

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