Vicente Sánchez, the footballer unfairly remembered for a bad step in America

Vicente Sánchez is best remembered for his time with Toluca (Photo by: REUTERS/Henry Romero)

Vicente Sánchez is best remembered for his time with Toluca (Photo by: REUTERS/Henry Romero)

Vicente Sánchez became one of the most iconic devils of the last 20 years in Toluca. The Uruguayan soccer player sowed the best of his soccer career in Mexican soccer when the new century was just beginning. The devilish player was able to render the necessary accounts to become one of the greatest idols of the scarlet box. The present of the chorizo ​​cadre is in a version far from the dynasty that Sánchez consolidated together with Saturnino Cardozo, Rafael Garcia, SinhaSalvador Carmona, Hernan Cristante and Israel Lopez.

Through its social networks, the sports newspaper THIS, He remembered Vicente Sánchez, but as one of the worst foreign signings in Liga MX. However, the collective memory considers it quite the opposite. The Uruguayan footballer marked an era with the whole of the State of Mexico. What could have placed him in that top would be a disappointing participation with America after a brief stint in Europe. Nevertheless, there are no strong parameters for Vicente to mix with the rest that have turned out to be resounding failures.

Vicente Sánchez built solid foundations in Aztec football during the seven years he played for the choricero team. Sánchez left his native Uruguay in 2001, at the age of 22, to put himself under the orders of Ricardo Antonio La Volpe. A year later, with Mario Alberto Jorge in charge of the team, Sánchez became the fundamental piece in turning Toluca into a team that instilled fear in any of its rivals. That same squad was in charge of breaking all possible records in the 2002 Apertura tournament: they won 12 games and lost two out of 19 played, they achieved the 41-point mark to place themselves in second place in the standings, with 55 goals in his favor and Cardozo’s impressive record in individual goalscoring with 29 goals.

In that same semester, Sánchez dealt with various inconsistencies and contributed just eight goals. From the championship obtained in that tournament, his name began to be recorded in the collective memory of Mexican fans. With Toluca, he scored a total of 98 goals in 258 games, in addition to 11 assists. During his devilish journey, his role was more of a finisher than a playmaker, however, his ability to clear the zone by removing opponents and his speed made him one of the best players in Aztec soccer. His impressive performances led him to be a regular player for the Uruguayan National Team and on more than one occasion he was part of the ideal 11 of the Mexican First Division.

His leaps and bounds with Toluca led him to also win the 2005 Apertura, in a more leading role. On that occasion they dispatched Monterrey in the final, which was led by Miguel Herrera and who lost their second consecutive final. The level of drummer He kept him in the foreground of Deportivo Toluca until 2008. In a sudden negotiation, Vicente fulfilled his dream of going to play in the old continent with Schalke 04 in Germany. In his departure for Europe, Sánchez left his position as the team’s third top scorer in Toluca; two league titles and one more from Concachampions. In addition to a league runner-up in 2006 and two second places in the Champion of Champions. A record that currently few active foreign footballers in Liga MX could achieve.

He joined the Teutonic team when he was already around 29 years of age. His passing was more sorrow than glory. In 60 games played, the Uruguayan only collaborated with four goals and five assists.

The Mexican soccer magnet brought Vicente back, but his landing this time was in Coapa; He arrived as a brand new “bomb signing” from America for the 2010 Apertura tournament, when the cream-blue team was under the technical direction of Manuel Lapuente. The American team was not going through its best moment and the “lean cow” seasons were every tournament. Even, the team came to suffer with those aware of the relegation at that time and it was delusional to believe that Sánchez would return in his best facet of Toluca to rescue the team. The drummer He arrived 31 years old, with a thinner physique but that did little to help him make the big differences that the public was used to when he was a member of the chorizo ​​cadre.

Despite this, Sánchez continued to give some flashes in the Americanist attack. In 57 games that he played, he was able to contribute 14 annotations and the same number of assists. He also remained under the command of Carlos Reinoso and who with him was captain of the team, at the departure of the TeacherSánchez also hit the first leg of America.

At the beginning of the Clausura 2012, Yon de Luisa, America’s president of operations at the time, declared that the Uruguayan player had signed his release and was a free agent. In those years, Vicente’s dream was also to return to Nacional de Uruguay and he did so once he broke his employment relationship with the Coapa team.

The history of Vicente Sánchez in Mexican football is marked by good memories, many more for the scarlet fans. Currently, in the chorizo ​​team there is no other player who is similar to the Uruguayan who, without a doubt, went on to become an idol of the club. In addition to having been part of a historic squad.


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