Victor Font’s reaction after Barça’s defeat in the Super Cup

Victor ShriftCatalan businessman and former presidential candidate Barçawitnessed the defeat of Barça in the final Spanish Super Cup in Riyadh, entering the stadium with Gerard Pique.

After the match, the Kule member reacted on social networks with a letter in which he advocated for the modernization of the club and the improvement of the offices, looking to the future with perspective.

“A sad and painful night. A defeat that once again teaches us that results come when you perform well at all levels.

In a club like Barça, all the elements have to fit together, and they have to fit together well. A president, a board of directors with relevant knowledge and not making daily decisions, a sports structure that combines experience and talent, excellent managers in the offices… We need the best professionals in every field: sports, business and institutional fields.

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I repeat, Barça’s potential (yes, with this ownership model!) is limitless. If the best in each field work in the club of their heart rather than in competition or another sector, we will slip away! The time has come to re-found the club, make it professional, modernize it. Top down. Every day we lose opportunities.

Visit Barça and visit Catalonia!” he said. Victor Shrift.

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