Victoria Ruffo leaves stunned with unpublished photo of José Eduardo Derbez

The actress did not miss the opportunity to congratulate her firstborn

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Victoria Ruffo leaves stunned with unpublished photo of José Eduardo Derbez

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Just a couple of days ago Jose Eduardo Derbez celebrated in style, in the company of his maternal family, his 30th birthday, date that his mother, Victoria Ruffo, did not go unnoticed in social networks, where He left stunned with an unpublished photo with his firstborn.

The so-called “Queen of soap operas” used her official Instagram account to commemorate such an important date with a portrait of the party they organized to celebrate the presenter of Members on the air.

The actress limited herself to publishing celebration emojis along with the photograph and tagging her son, who immediately responded to the dedication with a loving message.

“I love you mother, very much,” he wrote among the comments, among which Grettell Valdez’s congratulations are also read: “Happy birthday baby, I love you very much, all the most beautiful always”; and Cecilia Galliano’s: “We love you, congratulations.”

The image published by Victoria Ruffo is added to the one that Paola Dalay, José Eduardo Derbez’s girlfriend, published a few hours before the same day, where the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law were finally able to live together.

Likewise, José Eduardo Derbez celebrated his birthday with an emotional reflection addressed to his millions of followers: “Make a mistake, change, try, fail, reinvent yourself, send everything to hell and start over whenever necessary. Forget and let go, the more When you’re older, it’s more difficult to make real friends,” reads part of the text.

They capture Omar Fayad as a DJ in a club

Images of José Eduardo Derbez’s stepfather, Omar Fayad, also spread like wildfire on the Internet in a den in Pachuca, Hidalgo, accompanied by his children, Victoria, Anuar and of course the celebrated one.

“I quite enjoyed going out with my children Vicky, Anuar and @ joseedu92; being with them is a lot of fun, we should all do it,” the Mexican politician wrote this weekend amid the commotion caused by his appearance as a DJ.

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