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Indoor masks have been mandatory in Spain since the first months of the pandemic caused by covid-19, which hit Spain for the first time in March 2020. Two years later, hospital pressure is far from the collapse that months ago caused the disease both in intensive care units (ICU) and in primary care. Today, only 6% of ICU beds are occupied by patients with the new coronavirus, however, it reached 40% in some of the six waves of infections that have occurred in the last two years. In addition, the Ministry of Health announced that the data on infections and deaths would no longer be daily to be published twice a week. With the pandemic already in the background, the Cash considers a horizon that determines the approximate moment in which the masks will cease to be mandatory – although their use may be maintained in some specific places. As explained in the video, there are autonomous communities that have already expressed themselves in favor of withdrawing them as soon as possible, while others are even more reluctant.

The Government of Spain withdrew the obligation to wear a mask outdoors before last summer, although months later, in the days prior to the Christmas holidays in December 2021, it reestablished the imposition of wearing the mask in all closed spaces. . But it is not only important when the date on which to volunteer to wear a mask could arrive, the process is also essential. Will it also be eliminated in public transport and in hospitals or will there be places where the obligation remains? This video explains the method that neighboring countries such as France, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands or Norway have followed and which ones have adopted the decision not to withdraw the face mask for now.

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