VIDEO – Genevieve de Fontenay died of Covid? Xavier’s son is accomplished.

Genevieve de Fontenay is here at age 90 on August 1, 2023. Plus five more after her discrepancy with Mercredi on January 17 – sons, Xavier de Fontenay, on parole from this theme for the premiere for his youngest son in emissions Chaz Jordan, south C8. Despite the fact that the causes of women’s deaths in cases never continue, journalists demand from Covid en est à l’origine. Ce à quoi le père d’Adele et Agathe de Fontenay replied: “I think he is not an official, but it is possible that Covid plays a role in Australian inequality. Yes it is possible”.

Xavier de Fontenay gives us more detailed information about the last days of Genevieve de Fontenay’s life. The man said that the elderly president of the Miss France committee dead in hospital After that, you are in the hospital feeling unwell. This is three days later and later than last time. “Elle avait repris conscience, mais bon, elle était tout de même très diminuée.”

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Desses of Genevieve de Fontenay: little daughter Adele talks about her last moments

His son Jordan De Luxe became the son of Genevieve de Fontenay, but most of all her petite girls, Adele and Agathe. The name of the ailleurs brotherhood indicates that this man is the first to see his grand-mère on Friday, two hours before his inequality. This is the most memorable moment, filled with the emotions of the most precious moments: “She wasn’t very gentle, she couldn’t get past many kalen. In the last moments, c’était assez émouvant parce qu’on s’est fait un câlin pendant two small minutes. And when I leave, there is a kind of press that appears, I see it as a small piece.” Adele de Fontenay admitted to her assistants that the health of the elderly president of the Miss France committee had deteriorated, leaving those who preceded her: “Ça faisait deux, trois mois When this is no longer possible, what will be will go. “Mais on ne voulait pas l’admettre.”

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