Video: He hits a couple riding a motorcycle and runs away without helping the victims

Moment of collision between car and motorcycle

A man driving a Renault Clio car turned left and a couple attacked who was traveling to the match on a motorcycle Silver, Police sources said that after the massive collision, the driver and his companions ran away without providing assistance to the victims. infobae, Everything was captured by security cameras.

The incident occurred early this Sunday at the intersection of roads 122 and 72, where eddy moraya27 years old, and Jacqueline Quispe, was hit by a vehicle going in the opposite direction which turned to the left. Although it cannot be seen clearly, apparently the Renault Clio had priority to pass because the traffic light that allowed it to turn was green.

As a result of the accident, both motorcyclists were thrown over the car. The woman traveling as a companion suffered the worst. Not only because of the violence with which he fell, but also because, apparently, he was not wearing a helmet.

The sequence was recorded by municipal security cameras and the municipal monitoring centre, whose operators informed the police about the road accident. The pictures show that, Although the driver of the Renault Clio stops for a moment, he eventually drives away without helping the victims.

This is how the motorcycle on which the couple was traveling was hit by a Renault Clio.

He also takes her to meet a man who opens the back door at the exact spot where Morya is injured, holding her head. Then, he quickly turns it off and the car moves in the same direction it was going.

Meanwhile, the couple was lying on the pavement a few meters away from the black and red Gilera Shell 150 in which they were travelling. Gradually some people came forward to help. Then, soldiers from the 9th Police Station of the Buenos Aires Police arrived and, a few moments later, an ambulance from SAMe arrived, whose personnel evaluated the injured.

Morya was shifted to Berisso Hospital. Instead, Quispe was referred to San Martín Hospital, where he was admitted with serious injuries and unconsciousness. Meanwhile, the motorist is The judge was wanted for the crime of causing hurt by negligence.

This incident occurred a few days after the case of Congratulations Alvitae, He was charged with the murder of a 26-year-old motorcyclist who was run over by his car while crossing a red light.

the accident happened early in the morning But 13th Avenue, between 531 and 532, from the city of toulouseAfter the woman on board volkswagen goal trend hit a red light Reuben Walter Armand, the one who was riding the motorcycle Bajaj Boxer. Although he was transferred to San Roque de Gonet Hospital, health professionals were unable to save his life.

The woman is 20 years old and has an account very popular tiktok: He had 40 thousand followers. There he celebrated his passion for driving fast and in one of his posts he also left an insulting message: “Fear? It’s scary to go in the car with me because I keep saying ‘he wants to run’ and I act like ‘Toretto’.In reference to the main character of the Fast and Furious film saga.

Below the post on the social network you can read “so competitive it hurts, Her TikTok profile under the username “Feli Alvitae” is currently set to private, restricting access to her posts, but several users managed to capture the controversial message before it was deleted.

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