VIDEO – Natalie Portman entertained: pourquoi elle n’oubliera was never a premiere meeting with Charles III

Un échange qu’elle n’oubliera pas. This Monday, January 22, the team Cà vous get Natalie Portman on the occasion of her movie release May December. Having discussed the topical issues, the actress earns Quelques Moments Forts Liés à Sa Carriere, notamment sa rencontre with Charles III. “You watch original films and huge blockbusters in the cinema and think well about the saga. star Wars. You and the incarnation in the foreword of Padmé Amidala, mother of Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker“, rappel Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, avant-garde start the additional movie in question. An archive that will reveal the main interest. “Listen, Natalie, about these images?“, the sought-after animation of France 5 in the invitation for the day.”These are long times when I don’t see these scenes. Parfois, about the party of referral scenes“, at-elle fait remarker.

Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine in the bathroom, interview with her son in Revenant funny joke about an actress. “Laura’s Vanguard Episode 1 Premiere, You have now met Prince Charles, who was not at the encore and who had a funny question. This amuses me. Vous vous souvenir?“, she demanded in her address to Natalie Portman.”Yes, I’m in demand for premiere films, original films“, at-elle revelé, avant d’ajouter with entertainment: “Maybe I can’t do it, maybe I’m not compressing well…“And the accomplice of Patrick Cohen from présiser:”The first films, shown between 77 and 83, were Prince Charles’s best films tout craché! He connaît un peu!“to plaisanté presenter Cà vous.

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Is Natalie Portman back in the Star Wars saga?

Invitation to the TV Emissions Plateau Watch what happens live In December 2010, the 42-year-old comedy left earnings on its way to the iconic sci-fi franchise. If they are Padmé’s characters, they have a tragic end. Revenge of the Siththe futuristic epic strives to bring its characters to life. Alors, mother of Aleph and Amalia, is preparing a grand return to star Wars ? After the actress “a person does not need demand“but it will be true “Open an idea. Natalie Portman in outfit three good souvenirs from different toursso that you can apply for jobs in dark green digital format. “C’était un tout nouvel complex de compétences à quérir et un tout nouveau monde dans lequel entrer”“, I explained to our American friends.

Photo credits: Capture d’écran France 5

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