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Bardella details his strategy regarding EU powers

Jordan Bardella, chairman of the RN list for the European elections, presents a “three-color strategy” defining the level of public cooperation that “endorses”, a dossier on the correction of “new conditions” and “les lignes rouges”, notamment l’immigration.La “stratégie tricolore”, avec ses feux vert, Orange et Rouge, “se veut, précisément à l’aube de ces élections européennes, une clarification of our intentions”, a fait valoir le pésident du Rassemblement national, three days before the meeting in Marseille, qui doit lancer sa Campagne. “Unification of my material means of civil protection”, or “cooperation in industry, economics and science in the framework of the great projects of the world.” Notamment la free circulation in the Schengen area, qu’il souhaite “exclusive reserve” for European resorters, or le marche unique, en réclamant de pouvoir “favoriser nos entreprises au niveau national”. La gestion de l’immigration “à l’ Internal memory of our states”, “Energy sovereignty”, “Diplomacy”, “Protection not the property of -duclear”, an integral part of the revenge of the “red lines”, a topic that expands the Union or the passage of a unanimous majority qualified to receive a prize for decisions in the EU.” “The agreement and what will be fair within the framework of the program “Uniting with our allies in Europe,” Marine Le Pen explained at a press conference in front of AFP. Jordan Bardella suggested that “about this strategy” +tricolore+ seeks to redefine the foundations of a new trait that will become a cell of +l’Alliance européenne des Nations+. “Il n’est pas prevu que nous proposions ce Traité d’ici au 9 juin”, jour du scrutin européen, at-il dit. “On va peut-être le faire d’ici à la prochaine élection pésidentielle”, at-il ajouté.Alors que la tête de liste la Macronie, Valerie Hayer, made a statement about the game in “Le Figaro” “l’imposture crasse” Patron du RN in the fight against Brexit because of Brexit and “European views” from the majority. “”

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