VIDEO: They caught a man bottling up Tonyan with over 2 thousand pesos and it went viral. news from mexico

Hermosillo, Son.- In the last few hours, a video has gone viral on social networks, revealing the exact moment A man was caught filling a bottle johnnie walker gold reserve label with Tonan Agave Liqueur,

This interesting incident was recorded from his balcony by a user who saw how the man hid behind some cars to execute his daring action.

The most surprising thing is that Tonyan agave wine, At a price of only 30 or 40 pesoswas used as a substitute for Prestigious gold reserves, worth between 1,500 and 1,700 pesos,

Man replaces Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve with Tonyan Agave Liqueur

The big difference in price didn’t stop the protagonist of this video from surprising his friends by pretending that he had bought a new bottle of special whiskey.

Unknowingly, The subject continued to bottle the agave wine without realizing he was being recorded, Once he finished, he got up cautiously to see if anyone had seen him and went on his way to the party.

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The video has gone viral, sparking a flood of comments on social networks. Well, there are people who criticize him and there are others who understand him and even share similar stories.


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