Vincent Cassel officially announces his new film: but why will he end his breakup with Monica Bellucci?

This is a police secret that is official. Ce jeudi, at Paris Fashion Week, actor Vincent Cassel This device is in the bras of a new company, Nara Baptista. The girl, originally from Brazil, came to her parents in Australia at the age of 18. Today is 26 years old Nara Baptista, 31 years old, cadet. son nouveau companion.

In anticipation of the life of Nara Baptista, Vincent Cassel was delighted with love stories. From 2015 to 2023, I’m a couple with Tina Kunaki, a 31-year-old fashion model for an equal cadet. I got married in 2018 in Bidart (Pyrenees-Atlantiques), more than twice after a recent divorce. Jusque 2013, il était surtout l’époux de l’actrice italienne Monica Bellucciwith a lackey in an ultra-medium love story.

In fact, Vincent Cassel and Monica Bellucci They met again in 1995.on a film tour Apartments. Pendant 18 years old, two turteros – a couple of stars, all over the world. More about the last two decades of the life of the commune, Monica Bellucci with my couple in the thermal bathsas I already explained Vanity Fair Italian

Elle l’a quitte encore amoureuse

Nous nous sommes toujours, seeking respect, taking into account feelings, et l’on separe de la même façon. “Il ne s’agit aucunement d’un guerre divorce, avec dessous qu’il faudrait devoiler” Avait provided the Italian star with three and three sons. In 2019, the highest premiere earnings came from the exact circumstances of the divorce that were available at the time of the request, auprès de Madame Figaro. “C’est moi qui ai pris la décision. When you leave the kelku’un, you don’t have to tell me what happens next. Cela veut dire que ce ce n’est plus the possibility of continuation” avait expliqué celle qui partage désormais American Life movie Tim Burton.

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