Vinicius’ message after Real Madrid’s win over Almeria

real Madrid He won a very controversial match against Almeria To League. The Merengue team lost 2-0 to finish 3-2 at the Bernabeu and the refereeing got people talking. The partial draw was scored by Vinicius with his shoulder.

After the game, Almeria made a very heated statement. “Don’t expect us to publish a match report. Everything is more than clear,” hinting at the controversy that arose in the match.

This Monday, Vinicius Junior, as usual, went to the crossroads. “Great goal!!! This is how he always did it on Copacabana beach,” the Brazilian national team striker wrote on his X-account.

Later in Almeria they published a message to their players, saying: “Great pride in our team. A magnificent display of struggle and dedication against many odds.”

However, contrary to their statement, the club later published a timeline on their website, but the headline was damning: “Referee and VAR ruin Almeria’s great game in Madrid.”

Xavi was persistent in Real Madrid’s victory

“I saw it. If we speak, we are sanctioned, but everyone sees it. It will be very difficult to win this league. I already said this at Getafe, that there were things that didn’t suit me. ” he’s hot. “To keep working, we keep fighting, there are 18 games left. Today we start the second round in the best possible way, but there are things that we do not control and we have seen it all,” he concluded.

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