Violent video that could reveal the succession plans of Vladimir Putin’s most brutal ally


Chechen dictator Ramzan Kadyrov, Vladimir Putin’s strongest and most brutal ally, released a violent video in September in which his 15-year-old son Adam was seen attacking a prisoner accused of burning a Quran.

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The event coincides with a series of rumors about Kadyrov’s health, leading to speculation about his desire to cement his family legacy and prepare a new generation for his potential succession.

Of all the dictator’s children, Adam Kadyrov seems to be the favorite. The Chechen regime promoted him through mixed martial arts (MMA) fighting since he was 8 years old. Recently, and despite his young age, he was appointed head of his father’s security services, receiving the title of “Hero of the Chechen Republic” and honorary titles in other Muslim republics. In December, he was seen for the first time in his new role with his father.

First appearance of Adam Kadyrov as head of his father’s security

However, Kadyrov’s other sons were also distinguished with decorations and prominent positions. Some of them were included in the Russian delegation to the Cop28 climate conference in Dubai, indicating a planned strategy to ensure the continuity of the Kadyrov dynasty in power.

According to an analysis by the British newspaper The Guardian, these actions were interpreted by observers as a means of deterring potential rivals and showing stability in the face of persistent rumors of Kadyrov’s poor health.

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