Virgo Cassel: Monica Bellucci’s daughter is a brown son for a platinum blonde

Depuis quelques mois, the Virgin of Cassel was not able to speak to her. Indeed, at the age of 19, apparitions come to the girl of Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel. Mannequin and clothing for luxury brand names, young woman is a comedic event. Currently on the poster for La Bella Estate, the latest long film from realist Laura Luchetti, she will also be the lead actress in the Netflix series Le Guépard (Il Gattopardo in Italian), adapted by du Roman. Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. But that’s not all. Additionally, Virgo Cassel is on the cover of Gen V Magazine, a bi-monthly supplement of V Magazine, and has a completely different hair color than his usual color.

Virgo Cassel said goodbye to her dark brown hair

Photographed by Axel Joseph, Monica Bellucci’s girlfriend is simply memorable. Goodbye dark brown hair, boucle and beads, the young woman is a device with platinum blonde hair restored from curls and ultra fins. Well, it is obvious that it is enough to desecrate various photographs from the filming in order to see that the Virgin Cassel is amusing herself with metamorphosing into the assistant of the perruques. You chose this for sure, she didn’t remember how delighted she was with her photos.

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