Vlahovic gives the Italian Cup to Juventus and ends a three-year drought without titles

The third time… for Atalanta it was no longer a charm. After falling to Lazio in 2019 and Juventus itself in 2021, Dea lost the third Coppa Italia final of the Gasperini era in Bergamo. And again his executioner was Juventus of Turin.that thanks Dusan Vlahovic’s early and only goalwon (0-1) and won the title again three years later drought. At just 15 years old, Vecchia Signora continues to assert itself as the queen of Italian cups.

Juventus’ position at the beginning of the match took everyone present by surprise. at the Olympic Stadium in Rome. They came out to bite Atalanta at the top and managed to make a comeback from the start. Vlahovic, after Cambiaso’s pass, ate Hien’s back and made a great decision in the match with Carnessechi overtake Allegri’s men before the start of the match.

With no time for Atalanta to recover from the blow, Juventus came very close to doubling their lead. in the next action through Gatti after a corner. The Italian did not expect McKennie’s effort at the near post and shot over the crossbar.

The match scenario, of course, was a win-win for Juventus. After the initial onslaught they gave the ball to Atalanta and They retreated, trying to gain strength near their area. True, since then they have not managed to create more dangerous moments. But they managed to escape pressure a few times, especially on the left, and they struck fear into Dea’s body. The result was short-lived. But Juventus behaves well on the wire.

Gasperini’s men monopolized the ball for most of the first act. But They failed to tickle Juventus who, thanks to the work of Gatti, Bremer and Danilo, managed to repel every attack attempt from the outside Atalanta didn’t even score a goal in the first 45 minutes. Scamacca’s suspension was extremely noticeable due to its suspension.

Perin was supposed to appear

It was obvious that Gasperini had to make some adjustments and did not wait until the start of the second half to bring on El Bilal Toure. The victim was Charles de Ketelaar, who tiptoed through the game. The reality is that the Malian striker has allowed Atalanta to give a different rhythm to their attacking storyline. He repaired the central lines and freed Lukman. Without a doubt, the most dangerous person from “Dea” in the entire meeting.

Juventus continued to cover up and blocking any attempt by Atalanta. Bremer’s performance in defending the box was colossal. Dorival Junior will be tearing his hair out for not taking him to the Copa America with Brazil. Higher, Vlahovic continued oil production every time he got the ball. Actually, he was about to double his lead. Again a pass from Cambiaso. However, his goal was disallowed due to offside. Very fair.

The meeting began to break up and Lookman’s next action was to smash the ball into the post stump. 20 feet left and The tone that the match took on did not benefit Juventus, who after this panic tried to play as little as possible. drawn to trade. Despite this, Perin was supposed to appear in the final period, Atalanta had their only shot on goal in the entire match. It was Ederson who hit it with all his heart in search of a tie. Allegri, losing his mind, was suspended and left the Olympic team shirtless.

Allegri goes crazy in the Copa final: he takes off his jacket and kicks the advertising board!

Finally, Juventus managed to resist making the night bitter again for Atalanta, who were unable to complete their vendetta. They lost the first goal of the season and won the title again 61 years later. They will have another chance next week in the Europa League final against Bayern Leverkusen. from the “invincibles”. Juventus, for their part, is playing metal again after three years of crossing the desert.

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