Voici le manteau que les people s’arrachent this season

The “fluffy” coat is considered the most comfortable and winter trend. Looking for other season essentials like the oversized blouse in fashion, this model is different from the charming douillette that seems intended. The combination of style and comfort is a fact that makes celebrities the best styles of the moment. Parmi, fans who look furry, in retrospect Emily Ratajkowski, Kendall Jenner or Hailey Bieber encore.

>To discover equality: After Gigi Hadid, it’s Emily Ratajkowski and Alexa Chung’s tour de cracker for that mango messenger

Manto that makes celebrities go crazy forever

Three mannequins and influencers use unmatched style plus this style. Designed by Emily Ratajkowski in many colors. Grey, white or leather… it proves that it suits all styles and all occasions. Hailey Bieber, from the son of a cat, felt the fact with a blush in the ultra-douya, who was a partner in a mini-robe in a ton. She profited from being in Aspen to favor a white model. Kendall Jenner is also a fan of fuzzy blankets. White, gray and brown colors have fallen into disrepair in many cases. Three IT girls don’t want to look like they do. Taylor Swift rocked a black robe with a four-color set of mini robes for her anniversary night. Rihanna leaned into her bold, sporty look by choosing a purple model.

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