VULNERABLE GROUPS | Nursing homes are coping brilliantly with a wave of respiratory viruses

Maria leaves the house every day Residence of Vitalia Guadalquivir where he lives to go for walks regularly. His daily routine includes a long a daily walk, whether it’s cold or heat then sits down some time in the sun to relaxrelax and soak in a little Vitamin D, of which she and the rest of her classmates take supplements. Since the beginning of the pandemic, she has received all recommended vaccines, which have maintained her immunity against covid, as well as against the new wave of respiratory viruses this year, which has not yet affected her. If in the midst of a pandemic nursing homes were the center of attention To high vulnerability Of the people living in them, due to their age and pathologies, the lessons learned allow these days to become little oases in which coughing and snot are more common among those who come from outside than among those who are inside.

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