Walmart will welcome a new fast food chain into its stores

A new fast food chain will soon be available in Walmart stores across the US. It turns out that the prestigious company has signed a commercial agreement with Uncle Sharkii Poke Bar for this initiative. The topic was commented on by the founder and CEO of Uncle Sharkii, Fen Reyes. “My dream was to bring the essence of Sharkii Ohana to the millions of families who shop at Walmart.” At the moment, the collaboration will begin in only 10 locations located in the state of California.

Both organizations believe the centers are proof of concept for bringing fast food to Walmart stores. This launch is scheduled for five months in these locations before expanding to the rest of the United States.

Uncle Sharkii currently has offices in California, Hawaii, Texas and Utah. Its executives announced that they would soon open restaurants in Arizona and Nevada. The company is excellent at working in several states at the same time. It has also demonstrated its ability to expand after accepting its clients.

House specialty: Poke

The signature dish on Sharkii’s menu is the now famous Poke. This is a plate traditional Hawaiian and made with rice. It is served with various fillings, which, by the way, are very healthy. The result is a kind of rice salad.

Sharkii chefs confirm that poke can be served with any meat, fish, vegetables or sauce. In the world, it is largely merged with typical products of Japanese gastronomy.

Poke is currently trendy in the United States as an alternative that is just as fast and much healthier than traditional fast food.

An attractive aspect of Poke is that you can create your own dish from scratch. This way, everyone can try their favorite mixture and It will include the ingredients you like most in your dish.

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