Want to change WhatsApp color? So you can do it

Want to change WhatsApp color? So you can do itAI

The vast majority of those who have a smartphoneThey have WhatsApp installed, the undisputed leader in instant messaging. AND WhatsApp is inextricably linked with the color green. one that has had the logo since its creation in 2009 and its real popularization in 2012. But that may change because it seems that the company (owned by Mark Zuckerberg, the creator of Facebook, since 2014) In the not-too-distant future, you’ll be able to customize it by choosing from five colors: green, blue, black, pink, and purple. according to the site WaBetaInfo.

Possible colors that WhatsApp will allow you to choose.

But for this we still have to wait. For some time now There are those who are trying to unofficially change the color of the app logo, and purple is always one of the most desirable. But until now, we had to resort to third-party unofficial applications that promised new functionality of the application, but which they compromised the security of our terminal and our privacy having access to personal data and content that we share through chat.

Now There are methods to do this that are non-threatening. Of course, for mobile phones with Android operating system, which is more open in terms of customization and installation of applications, with its advantages and risks. On Android phones, Samsung lets you customize the look using the Good Lock app available in the Galaxy Store, but you can’t change just one icon and that’s it, so it’s not very useful for this purpose.

Therefore the best option download Nova Launcher from Google Play, an application that allows us to customize the desktop and menus as we wish, as well as application icons. Of course, this doesn’t happen automatically. We have to select it as default application and launch adapt the menu and desktop and from there change everything the way we like it best. If we want the WhatsApp icon to be purple, very suitable for example for 8-M, we will have to Download this Purple Logo image. (in PNG format so that the background is transparent) and at least 240×240 in size) or create it yourself.

Then it will only be long press on WhatsApp icon and a pencil will appear. Clicking on it will give us the option to change the name, but by clicking on the logo we can Also replace the image with the one we have already downloaded. You just need to select it and adjust its size so that you now have a purple WhatsApp (or the color we chose). Of course, in order not to lose these changes, the Nova Launcher application must continue to be installed and we will have to leave it as default.

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