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Biden announces peace proposal agreed with Israel in Gaza that includes gradual release of hostages

Israel has presented a new peace plan in three phases that foresees the end of hostilities in Gaza and whose first phase, a six-week ceasefire, will come into force immediately if Hamas accepts it, as announced this Friday by the President of the United States Joe Biden, in a speech at the White House.

“This is a defining moment,” Biden said of what he described as a “road map.” As he explained, the first phase would involve a “complete” ceasefire, during which some Israeli hostages held in Gaza would be released. Specifically, women, the elderly and the wounded. Some remains of those killed in captivity would also be handed over. Palestinian civilians could return to their homes and 600 trucks carrying humanitarian aid would enter the Strip daily.

During those six weeks, conditions will be negotiated to enter phase two, a permanent ceasefire during which all surviving hostages will be released and a full withdrawal of Israeli forces from Gaza will take place. If the negotiations drag on longer, the temporary ceasefire will continue as long as the parties continue to negotiate.

The third phase is expected to include “a major reconstruction operation” and the delivery of the remains of hostages who had not until then been returned to their families.

Joe Biden has also called on Israel not to give in to pressure: “I have urged leaders in Israel to support this agreement despite any pressure.” In addition, he said that Hamas is no longer capable of carrying out another attack like the one on October 7. “Preventing Hamas from carrying out another attack of this type is one of Israel’s main objectives in this war and, frankly, it is a justifiable objective. I know there are those in Israel who will not agree with this plan and call for the war to continue indefinitely. Some are even in the government coalition and have made it clear that they want to occupy Gaza. They want to continue the fight for years and hostages are not their priority,” Biden declared.


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