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Relatives of Israeli hostages block a highway in Tel Aviv to protest the lack of agreement

Relatives of Israeli hostages in Gaza blocked the Ayalon Highway, the main highway of Tel Aviv that runs from north to south, to the city center this Thursday night, to demand an immediate agreement from the Israeli government for the release of their hostages. Runs parallel to. Relatives were taken prisoner in Gaza. According to the Israeli press, police have arrested seven people.

After weeks of mobilization and in which families’ trust in Netanyahu’s executive is eroding, the Forum of Relatives of Hostages and Missing Persons has tonight issued a forceful statement against the Israeli government. “The grace period has ended. We live in Russian roulette. time is over. “Convene an international committee that will lead to an immediate agreement to release them all,” demanded the organization which brought together relatives of 136 people still held captive since October 7 during the Hamas offensive that started the war. Brings.

The families showed their opposition to the strategy defended by Netanyahu, which ensures that detainees will be released only with strong military pressure. “You promised us the release of the hostages along with the fall of Hamas, but it turns out that none of that is happening,” Daniel Elgart, the brother of one of the captives, said in a statement to Netanyahu. “Hamas remains steadfast in Gaza and dictates the terms to us, and the hostages remain in Gaza. “We gave the Prime Minister 104 days’ time, but now we want results.”

So far, about 27 of the 136 hostages held by Israel in Gaza are believed to be dead. In December, Israeli soldiers also accidentally killed three Israeli hostages in the middle of a war zone, in an incident in which the army acknowledged its mistake. (efe)


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