We already know when No Rest for the Wicked, a promising RPG from the creators of Ori, will be released.

It was planned that early access from No peace for the wicked launched in the first quarter of the year, but its managers were recently notified of a slight delay due to which it was postponed to the second quarter of 2024. We didn’t know that Moon Studios, the developer known to be responsible for the saga Orithey planned to launch it so soon: finally this promising project can be played on PC on April 18th.

This will be the day when No peace for the wicked will be sold in format early access, which means the project will grow as it develops. The first major update will mean the appearance multiplayer modes, and the second will add a new zone. The game will be gradually completed until its full version is released, the date of which is still unknown.

When will he arrive No peace for the wicked on the console?

All this information was shared by Moon Studios in a live broadcast that took place today. In addition to revealing the release date and Road mapas well as many features No peace for the wickedThose responsible for the project also confirmed that Console version PS5 and Xbox Series X/S It won’t launch until development is complete, for which there isn’t even a launch window specified at the moment.

No peace for the wicked is an RPG with an isometric perspective, although it is “more like Dark Souls than Diablo.” Its official description describes the name as “a visceral RPG filled with precise action that will revolutionize the genre”.

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