We already know when the ultimate iPhone 15 competitor will be released.

Samsung is all set to unveil the new Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra on January 17 in its first Galaxy Unpacked of 2024.

We already know when the ultimate iPhone 15 competitor will be released.
Official announcement of Galaxy Unpacked 2024

It will be sooner than expected On January 17, Samsung will unveil its first Galaxy Unpacked in 2024. and it will do this by introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S24, S24+ and S24 Ultra. The announcement was published on its official website. Proposal called Galaxy AI attracts attention, support that will be based on generative artificial intelligence. It is assumed that she will be directly involved in the creation of these devices.

Samsung Galaxy S24, an ardent competitor to the iPhone 15, will be presented in a few days

At 19:00 Spanish time on Wednesday, January 17, from San Jose, California, New devices will be presented via streaming. An announcement that leaves some messages that we will soon be able to display and confirm. In addition to the artificial intelligence, we can see the silhouette of the S Ultra series and the stars characteristic of the Unpacked events.

New mobile era, announcement of Galaxy Unpacked 2024

New mobile era, announcement of Galaxy Unpacked 2024

They are introduced to the advancements and differences that devices pioneered in the mobile era as well as in modern times, such as cell phone payments, waterproof mobile phones, and even foldable mobile phones. Finally, these stars could give us a clear indication that they will include titanium like the iPhone 15 Pro thanks to the texture and color with which they appear in the video ad.

What will be shown at Galaxy Unpacked 2024?

As discussed in Andro4all, there will be three new devices that will retain the design of previous generations. The strongest, as is almost always the case, will be the Ultra model. The panel will no longer have curves to be a completely flat screen..

The processor will be Snapdragon 8 Gen 3. with a camera system that will improve a little, The Ultra model will have an improved 200 MP sensor.. The most important thing that many will be looking forward to is seeing how they benefit from artificial intelligence.

Will it be like some of the Google Pixel 8’s photography features? Will it be used in the operating system? The South Koreans have included a registration page for the event offering a €120 discount on the purchase of one of the new devices, as well as a lottery to be one of the lucky ones to attend the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris.

We were eager to see what Samsung could improve on its flagship devices, directly comparing them to its predecessors. Can they beat the iPhone 15?

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