“We are destroying generations that have no way to save”

He price increase by living place, whether buying or renting, is causing many to continue to live in the same apartment or give up their aspirations to become independent. Some propose capping prices and others propose building social housing as a solution, but Victor Palomolawyer for the Tenants’ Union, recalls that “today we have a housing emergency.”

“The fact that the average salary of people is between 1,300 and 1,400 euros and the cost of rent is around 1,000 euros, this is a situation in which we must act now, this emergency“, he argues and points out that we cannot wait for housing to be built in eight to nine years because “we have a problem now. We are destroying generations who are unable to save.

In its turn, David Ryanconsultant, explains that in 2023 “radicalsupply reduction has managed to ensure that “vulnerable people suffer the most” as he notes that most rental offers are made for months. “TO circumvent the law“he blurts out Sarah Ramosalthough it is clarified here that this is “ legal model“.

“I might have a house and want to rent it for a few months or for the holidays as long as it’s up to code,” he says, but Palomo argues that “if it’s your average home, it’s fraud“.

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