“We are in this Champions League to try to win it, without thinking about coming back next season”

J.Okin Aperribay is optimistic about Wednesday’s match against PSG in Paris following the good news of Take Kubo’s contract extension. The President of Real Sociedad spoke about the current news of the club.

Aperribay appreciated Take Kubo’s update. “We are very pleased with his decision to stay at Real Madrid, his willingness to continue building the future, to try to improve the project every day. We want to thank him for his willingness to stay here for many more years and continue to build Real Madrid. Sociedad.”

Merino? If you have to extend, you will extend. I hope he stays here for a long time and can achieve his dreams.

President Churyurdin explained how the negotiations went. “We started negotiations in November and continued them in December, and by the end of the year we already knew about his intention to stay. Since he had the Asian Cup, we agreed that when we return from the Cup, we will make an official extension.” “

Aperrybay was questioned once again about the progress of Mikel Merino’s contract extension.. “We are talking about players of different ages. For me, the most important thing is that the players feel comfortable at the club, like Mikel. If the time comes to renew, he will renew. The most important thing is that players can choose how they want their future to look. He is very happy at Real Madrid and I hope he stays here for a long time and can fulfill both his individual and collective dreams here.”

Yes, we don’t score a goal, but I tell the players that I am happy with the way they perform in all matches.

Another contract awaiting renewal is the contract with Imanol. “He’s a great coach. Churiurdin’s heart is beating. He said it himself. It’s about uniting the will.”

He was told that Real Madrid had to react. After the last games I didn’t score a goal. “I don’t think it’s a reaction. It is true that in the last few games we have failed to score a goal, but in the last few games we are playing better and those goals only come with work. I would like to tell the players how happy I am despite the loss to Osasuna.”

Aperrybay wanted to emphasize one thing. “It seems to me that Real Madrid is going through a very important moment and that it is not easy to participate in three tournaments at the moment. It’s easier to compete by focusing on one competition, but we all want that and are excited to go to Paris. with enthusiasm, then to the next League matches and then to the return matches of the Cup. The players go to all matches with the same enthusiasm because they hope to wear the Real Madrid shirt.

Never before in March have we fought for the Cup final, the quarter-finals of the Champions League and a ticket to the European league, which means that we are doing well.

The President, as Imanol Alguacil usually does, confirmed what the team is doing.. La Real has never competed before for the desire to reach the Cup final in March, for the desire to reach the quarter-finals of the Champions League in March and for the desire to take European positions in March, La Real is feeling very good. The team competes well and what he needs is peace of mind to face this March full of new experiences and I am sure there will be a lot of joy in store for us.”

There is a debate about whether it is more important to fight in La Liga to get back into the Champions League or to fight to go very far in the Champions League.. “Many people have asked me what is more important and I say we are going to the Champions League to try to win it, not to wander around, we are not coming to the Champions League to think about the Champions League next year, we are thinking about this year’s Champions League.”

I would advise a group of 50 fans not to get into puddles in Paris, let the Real Madrid fans be an example.

How are you feeling ahead of Wednesday’s meeting in Paris? “I have very good feelings about this game and this month. I think we will get through the February experience well.”

Before finishing, he sent a message to a group of Real Madrid fans ahead of his trip to Paris.. “I would advise our fans not to fall into any puddles, and I’m talking about a group of 50 of our fans, because I know that the other 2,000 will not fall into any puddles. I would like for all of Paris and for all of France to know Real Madrid fans as they are, I would like for us to be an example in both victories and defeats.”

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