We blame Jennifer Lawrence for our desire to wear a denim overall in summer

The caption is clear: Jennifer Lawrence walks the streets of New York. But we could add: Jennifer Lawrence walks the streets of New York in flat Greek sandals with straps and denim overalls. And it is that the Oscar-winning actress not only walks through the Big Apple with her partner and her newborn, but also passes sentence by combining a garment that is always not with high-top sneakers (such as Nike Air Force 1) or canvas (such as some Converse All Star), as usual, but with basic sandals. And it is that although the breastplate has a license to appear at any time of the year, Let’s not forget it’s summer.

The garment in question, recognizable to the second by the brand’s logo sewn on the front pocket, It’s from Carhartt WIP. one of the leading North American clothing firms, not only denim but also style workers. The Bib Overall Straight, as this model of the brand is called, has a straight cut and is made of “medium weight” cotton, as the brand explains. With metallic details such as buttons or buckles on the adjustable straps, this one is neither excessively wide nor super tight, but rather fits the waist without marking it.

Jennifer Lawrence in Carhartt WIP denim overalls.Christopher Peterson/SplashNews.com

To be worn with basic short-sleeved tees in summer, with basic jumpers or even thin sweatshirts in winter, the denim overalls that you must have worn beyond your means in the 80s is back. Jennifer Lawrence walking with him in New York is the best proof.

For sale on the brand’s website, it is available in various colors. Its price: 139 euros.

Courtesy Carhartt

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