“We cannot refuse such an opportunity…”


Rafa Marquez has spoken out after Xavi announced he would be leaving Barcelona at the end of the season.

Pedro Antolinos

Rafa Marquez spoke about his move into Barcelona’s first team minutes after Xavi confirmed at a press conference that he will not continue to lead the Culet team next season. The Mexican coach, who leads the reserve team, submitted the application after making it clear that the opportunity could not be denied.

Rafa Marquez was a favorite Joan Laporta to take over the reins of Barcelona if Xavi is sacked, and that is why the Mexican coach was questioned about it after the Barcelona reserve team match this Saturday in Fuenlabrada. Just like a few weeks ago, the coach made it clear that his dream is to lead the Kule first team.

“Before the end of the tournament, the board will have time to think carefully about choosing a coach at its discretion. It’s part of the process. It will come if it touches me. Who wouldn’t want to become a Barça coach? I will continue to prepare, this is only my second coaching season. “It’s an opportunity we can’t turn down,” Rafa Marquez said minutes after confirming Xavi would not remain on Barcelona’s bench next season.

Javi Hernandez and Rafa Marquez

Xavi Hernandez announced in a press conference this Saturday that his career on the Barça bench will end this season, on June 30, because “like a culé” he believes that this is what both the players and the club need to change dynamics. , for which there is no explanation.

“Before questions, I would like to inform you that on June 30 I will not continue as Barça coach. The situation certainly deserves to change, and as a culé I cannot allow such a situation to happen. I’ve already made my decision, but I think it’s time,” he said at a press conference after the 3-5 defeat to Villarreal.

The Barça coach took more than an hour to appear before the media at the Olympic Luis Company and when he did, he took the floor to announce his farewell, but at the end of the season. “The club needs a change of dynamics, like a culé, thinking about the good of the players,” he said after losing his title chances in the Super Cup and Copa del Rey in the last 10 days.

“They will be freed, they will feel calmer. For culés, the best time to march is June 30th. “I will give everything I have in the remaining months, we can still have a great season and this will help the dynamics change,” added the coach of Barca, who trail Real Madrid by 10 points after another poor performance this Saturday.

“This will defuse the situation as a whole. I feel the most responsible. It’s time to evaluate the work, but I think that my project as a trainer should end on June 30th. I was thinking about the club. The club will have me for everything they need, I will be the solution for the team, but now the solution, if it is consistent, is for me to leave the bench,” he said.

“Thank you for your trust, we have an amazing president, everyone who is there is very good. We met and it was a very human conversation. Absolute confidence, they showed it to me today too, but I think it’s time. This is the club of my heart, with this tension we play a pathetic game. The players don’t deserve this,” he added.

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