“We must make an altar for them”

When you want to achieve professional success, you often have to listen to the voices of others. successful entrepreneurs, for even if not all thoughts are shared, something good can often be gleaned from their advice. This is even more noticeable when someone wants to start a startup and listens to an entrepreneur who has succeeded in starting a new business.

Knowing this, Jose Elias Navarro , ranked 74th on Forbes’ list of Spain’s richest people with a net worth of over €500 million, has become a regular on social media because he knows his personal experiences can help many. This businessman from Badalona heads, among other companies, Audax Renovables and has shares in other projects, so much so that he is one of the people with the most assets in the country and is included in the list of the richest people in Spain according to Forbes. For this reason, he is known to have, among other things, his own plane and helicopter.

It was because of his interesting profile that YouTuber Geordie Wild wanted to interview him on his channel a few weeks ago. “Wild Project” There they talked about money, hiring staff, buying houses, dealings with the Treasury, immigration and its weight in Spain, the difficulties of running a small business or, worse, self-employment. On this last issue, he left a reflection that has received more than 700,000 views.

“In Spain it is easier to manage a company of 300 people than to be self-employed”

The hardest thing in the world is being self-employed“says Elias, who argues that in Spain it is easier to manage a company of 300 people than to work independently. The businessman gives the example of restaurant owners “who try their best to get their workers paid, but they don’t get paid, and this doesn’t happen once or twice.”

The Catalan continues to emphasize that “then you see how much the poor man pays in taxes and say: “Well, he will have the right to food.” With all this, he emphasizes that, of course, the employee has the right to be paid, but, continuing the same example, this affects the fact that a self-employed person who owns a bar “works, put the reeds, Anyone who carelessly fixes an air conditioner goes looking for bread on a motorcycle so as not to spend money on a taxi…

A self-employed person who owns a bar “works, pours beer, the one who is neglected fixes the air conditioner, goes looking for bread on a motorcycle so as not to spend money on a taxi. ..”

Jose Elias

President of Audax Renovables

“There are some minimums… I think we will have to spread them out,” adds José, emphasizing that “there are parts that very unbalanced” “The truth is that the self-employed in Spain need to be celebrated,” he defends in a video that has gone viral.

“In Spain, the transition from self-employed to a medium or large company is very difficult”

In the same interview, Elias also denounces that “in this country move from self-employment to a mid-sized company “For a large company it is very difficult,” and he remembers the heavy bureaucracy that exists in Spain compared to that in other countries such as Holland, where he has one of his businesses and which provides many opportunities for its entrepreneurs.

With his experiences, Elias convinced dozens of self-employed Internet users to share their difficulties. “I had to sell my car pay salaries”, “I will leave because I can’t pay taxes” or “It’s our fault, because there are many of us, and we are the driving force of the country, but we don’t know how to do it.” make noise,” were some comments. There was more applause.

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