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Nacho Sanchis
Manuel Amor

A key day in Valencia. Fans gathered in the center of Valencia to celebrate protest walk in Mestalla against the leadership of Peter Lim, and also for “Make yourself heardpoliticians demanding Lim’s departure from the club. At 17:00 in the afternoon during the preview of the Valencia – Real Madrid match, several thousand people gathered to walk together towards Mestalla as they chanted against Lim.

Before the start of the action, a minute of silence was held in memory of the victims of the tragic fire that occurred in the capital of Turia a week ago. Subsequently, the following manifesto was read: “We are tired of the fact that no one listens to us, that we are not taken into account. That’s why we came here to say, “Enough is enough.” Valencia is part of our life, it is a way of life, it is a feeling that we have inherited. We are the heart of our club, we are the soul. Our shield has been mistreated by heartless people and a network that has taken advantage of a centuries-old organization. That’s why we’re hereí demand that administrations keep their word, which we heard so much about during the election campaign. They are destroying our beloved Valencia,” the statement said.

From there the journey to the Valencia Stadium began with the usual chants: “The crown is a vase”; “Lim scoundrel outside Mestalla”; “Lei Hong Chan, liar”… And also various banners: ‘Lim=RIP’, “Juanma Badenas resists” or whoever led the demonstration saying the following: “Your betrayal is our death sentence.” As for the second banner, it is the Vox politician who has so far refused to give the go-ahead for the release of the urban planning documents of Nueva Mestalla.

The message addressed to the institutions is that José Pérez, one of the organizers of the demonstration, explained to Relevo: “In the electoral campaign, absolutely all the parties, including the Popular Party, which is now governing, They indicated that if elected they would find a way to talk to Peter Lim and sell. “We’re not asking that they expropriate him or kick him out, just that the politicians do what they promised during the campaign: that they explore the possibility of jailing Peter Lim to try to force him to sell, which they didn’t do.” more.”

The demonstration to reach the stadium began at town hall to demand the above-mentioned message from the institutions, and arrived in Mestalla to demand Peter Lim. Along the way there was a stop at the Caixabank headquarters., the main creditor bank of Che’s club, which Lim pays annually. Fans also pressured the bank to “break up” with Lim.

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