“We will take appropriate action”: Nintendo president talks about disagreements with Palworld

Nintendo presented financial data for the latest quarter and during a question and answer session for shareholders. A recent theme has emerged: Palmyreindie hit under scrutiny due to plagiarism allegations Pokemon.

President Shuntaro Furukawa made the announcement about the survival game, which has sold 12 million copies in Steam Early Access and has over 7 million players on Xbox—it’s included in Xbox Game Pass. The problem is not so much gameplay but in the designs of their creatures, that in some cases They seem more than inspired Pokemonwith minor modifications to The Pokémon Company models.

In accordance with ReutersFurukawa was asked about this situation, and although he didn’t add anything special to Nintendo’s past statements, it shows that they are still looking into this case: “We will take appropriate action against those who violate our intellectual property rights.”.

Pocketpair denies the accusations

It seems clear that Nintendo will wait until there is strong enough evidence (if they find it) before bringing formal charges against Pocketpair. For their part, the developers spoke out about harassment and slander: “I received a variety of opinions about Palmyre, but all related productions are supervised by several people, including me, and I am responsible for production. I would appreciate it if you refrain from defaming artists participating in Palmyre“.

For now Palmyre continues to set records, although its creators also have to pay for this success. In our guide you can find out all the secrets Palmyre.

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