Weight gain in half a day! Dollar price today January 5, 2024

The Mexican peso advanced by half a day, so dollar price today January 5, 2024 It is currently at 16.88 units per dollar; find out here what exchange rate in Mexican banks.

Mexican currency registers exchange rate increase by 0.71% compared to Thursday’s benchmark price, although initially after the US jobs report he lost 0.39% at 17.07 units.

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The Mexican peso was on track to end the first week of 2024 higher. 0.39% yield.

Dollar price in Mexican banks today, January 5, 2024

Price dollar today January 5, 2024 in Mexican banks* quotes in:

  • BBVA Mexico – 16.04 pesos to buy and 17.18 pesos to sell.
  • Citibanamex – 16.39 pesos to buy and 17.33 pesos to sell.
  • Azteca Bank – 16.35 pesos to buy and 17.75 pesos to sell.
  • Banorte – 15.75 pesos to buy and 17.20 pesos to sell.
  • Confirm banking service – 15.90 pesos to buy and 17.40 pesos to sell.
  • Scotiabank – 15.20 pesos to buy and 18.20 pesos to sell.
  • Inbursa – 16.70 pesos to buy and 18.00 pesos to sell.

*Exchange rate at 10:27.

According to Reuters


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