“We’ll have to wait with Nico, and I think Iñaki is nothing.”

Valverde He hopes all his players will play in the first leg of the Cup semi-final against Atlético Madrid. Today the brothers were injured Williams, but even in this case the technician believes that he can restore them. “We hope that all players will have cases Berenguer, Leque..he didn’t play today Unai Gomez, Adu Ares, who also experienced some discomfort, went out for a few minutes. “We all want to be there,” he said.

Brothers Williams They had to leave the field due to injuries. Tsingurri announced the injuries they received. “Niko He had some discomfort in his groin while playing, which fell to the ground. He seemed to have recovered, but we had to change him. We need to wait. When Iñaki I think it’s nothing, some discomfort in the sole,” he said.

The victory was very quick: two goals were scored Yuri Berchish. “It helps that in the first game you score a goal, it gets you going and the opponent blames you for the hit. We had trouble getting into his zone and he got stuck in two strategic plays. We didn’t reach the top as clearly as other times. As the game progressed, it shifted more and more towards our interests. Of course, from the outside it seems that it was easier, but it was difficult,” the coach admitted.

The first two goals came in two strategic games and Athletic failed to achieve much success this season. “It is true that we were not very good at strategy, we continue to insist, today we received this award. Yuri He goes into these plays with a lot of faith. “Now we need to focus on this week’s game, the Cup match against Atlético Madrid,” he said.

On the day of the preview, Gastestarran attached great importance to the regularity of the tournament. “The league tells you where you are and what you are doing. Elimination tournaments depend on factors that can affect your success and the success of your opponent… The league is a long-distance race, there are many challenges to overcome. The Cup is a great dream, but the League is what we need to focus on. Obviously we are in the semi-finals and we need to strive for that.”

Iker Muniain scored the final score 4-0. Valverde He achieved what he expected from the captain. “Muni means a lot to us and to the community. He is a historical player. Now he does not join the team, but he is always ready and available. This is a reward for him. He deserves it.”

Gorka Guruzeta He also played a great game. “I always think the best of my players, of course I think they will do everything well. It comes off the hook and has play and completion. “I always think my players will score good goals.”

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